07 March 2017

Fire and the Rain

I’ll be honest, I slept through most of this weekend.  I wasn’t feeling well so I didn’t get up to a whole lot.   My roommate and I watched Anastasia Saturday night – mostly because “In the Dark of the Night” has been stuck in our heads since Fire Arts practice.  It is confirmed, we’re doing a Disney themed spring show next week.  If you are in the area, you are welcome to join us at 9:30pm on the 17th or 18th in front of Maggie’s (the campus store by West Hall).  Things are a bit hectic because the day of the show is coming up so soon.  We still have new props to make and a lot of practice to do.  No one is going to escape having Disney songs stuck in their head for the next four months.

I’m a lab assistant for Bio-151 (an introductory genetics course) and we’re gearing up for my favorite experiment.  Each lab group is going to extract DNA from a sushi sample gathered from various stores in Portland and they will identify the type of fish based on the DNA information they get.  They’ll then compare it to what the fish was labeled as.  The mislabeling of fish is actually a pretty large issue in the industry and this gives the students a chance to see that.  I had a lot of fun with this lab Last year.

It has also been a bit rainy recently, which hasn’t been helping with fire practice, but, even with the rain, some days can beautiful.  The weather has been unusually weird; yesterday the sun came out just after a brief hail shower, sending a rainbow up over Albany and turning the campus dazzlingly bright.  I had to squint on my walk to dinner.  

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