26 March 2017

Made it to Spring Break!!!

Hey friends!

So we made it! It's spring break! This week was filled with exams but wasn't bad. I finished up my Ochem on Wednesday, had a paper due on Wednesday too, and then had my calculus and psych exam as well as my bio lab report due on Friday -- and while it makes the week before break a bit rough, it makes spring break quite enjoyable :) I remember being in high school and always having a ton of work over break, now it's not so bad.

On Thursday night I went to the Crystal Ballroom to see Dan + Shay!!!! (I bought these tickets over Christmas, and could have done some better planning on the timing with exams, but it worked well, it was an early concert and I had started studying very early) It was SO SO SO GREAT! I've never been to a concert so it was great to go, and to see a band that I love so much.

Dan + Shay -- Country duo band <333 

Last weekend I also went downtown with some of my friends. We took advantage of the warm weather and went down to South East. We hung out and took some "basic" pictures in front of some of the street art - which is truly incredible. Portland really is so beautiful when the weather is sunny. The city and the campus comes to life. 

This is a mural!!! What the heck! So much talent!

I came home to Seattle on Friday night and I'm just chilling here until Wednesday when I go down to Eugene for ACDA!!! The other part of this month that I'm ecstatic for! I registered for the classes on Monday and I'm planning on taking a lot of hip hop and lyrical! We also get to bring out the COUCH DANCE!! New cast, old dance, new memories :D Anyways, I look forward to this break, catching up on much needed sleep and then dancing 5-8 hours a day for 4 days :D

As always if you have any questions I love hearing from you all, shoot me an email at ksaylor@lclark.edu if you have any questions about student life, Portland, dance or anything :)