08 March 2017

Midterms Finally Over

Well all my tests are finally over, and I survived. Barely. It has been a tough week so far. I have spent the past week or so studying for my tests, so it feels great to finally be done and have a bit of breathing room. Now all I have left is another test Friday, and then it will be Spring Break soon! I am really looking forward to going home for the break and getting some much needed sunshine. Hopefully by the time break ends Portland will start getting some sun.

This past weekend, our intramural soccer team just started the playoffs for the tournament. Now for the most part, our team is made up of football players who have very little experience playing soccer. We do have a few girls that play on the varsity soccer team here, and they help us out a lot. Our team is the Lives of Pablo, after Kanye West’s album last year which is when we made our team. After playing the full time, which is 20 minute halves, we were tied with the other team 2-2. The director of the intramurals then decided to have us go to penalties, which were super stressful. I have never had to go through penalties before, and it was crazy how stressful it was. I could never imagine doing something like that on a huge stage such as the World Cup. Thankfully when it was my turn, I was able to score my penalty. The rest of my team also scored theirs, and our goalie blocked the other teams very first shot, which meant we won and moved on to the semi-finals. All of us were incredibly excited after the game, and it was a great feeling to win, especially since we all didn’t think we would get this far.

Next week the football team starts spring ball, which is something I am looking forward to. We will finally get to start building for next season. Spring ball is great because it helps us get our defense down and everyone can slow down the game to analyze what we really are doing. It also helps that every single person from our defense from last season is coming back, and we didn’t lose anyone because we didn’t have any seniors. This will be nice because everyone has played and they know what they are doing. For the most part it will be 7 on 7, which is just passing because we don’t have pads and the lineman will do their own thing. We will go until spring break, and then for another three weeks after the break.

That’s all I got for this week. Have a good week everyone.


The Lives of Pablo, with our own custom shirts. 

Me in the bottom row in the middle with my teammates.