15 March 2017

Spring Ball

This past week we got to start spring ball for football, and it has been going pretty well so far. We practice Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday in the mornings at 7, which can be rough getting up for. I personally like having practices in the morning. I am more of a morning person in the sense that I like to have the afternoons off to relax. However, that doesn’t mean I am the happiest person though in the mornings… Once I get moving though I am a lot betters. So far all we have practiced is just drills for our specific positions and a very limited amount of team interactions. Right now we are all focused at getting our assignments down before we start to really get into football again.

Spring week starts next week, which is shocking to me. The end of this semester is almost in sight. We only have about 30 days of school left, which is even crazier! Unfortunately this will keep me incredibly busy until the semester ends. Spring break will be nice to have a week off to go home and relax with my family. My brother and I are driving home next week, and it should take us about 18 hours to make it back home. While it is a super long drive, it is way cheaper than flying at this time of year. Alex and I take turns, so it makes it a lot better than just driving it straight through. I hope over the break to work the veterinarian that I spent last summer with, and get some more experience with him. Whenever I work with him, I always learn a lot, which helps me get practice with the animals that I don’t get here at school.

Also, unfortunately, our soccer team lost in the semi-finals 3-2. It was actually a super good game, and all of us played really well. I even got our two goals! Now that we are done with soccer, we will start playing basketball intramurals soon. This is something that a lot of our better at, and we are trying to win the whole tournament. Other than that, I have been studying all week for my test that is coming up on Friday in Metabolic Biochemistry. After that test, I will have no work until after spring break, so I get to relax for a bit.

Until next week,
A couple of us went and got sushi last Friday.