03 April 2017

A Quick Spring Break

What a good spring break it was! My brother and I went home for the week, and we really needed it. Last Thursday after school was done, we drove home all the way back to Brawley, which is about an 18 hour drive. Even though it was really long, we drove through the night because we both really wanted to get home and get some sunshine. As soon as we rolled into town, we went to one of our favorite food places in town before we even went home. We went to Nana Dora’s, which has really good Mexican food (tacos especially) and sweet iced tea. Once we finished eating, we went home, where we both immediately went to sleep to catch up after all of the driving we had done.
That Saturday my whole family went up to the mountains for the weekend to get away and enjoy some cooler weather. (It had been in the 90s all week there!) It was amazing up in the mountains since California has finally had a lot of rain. All of the desert flowers were in full bloom, which was incredibly beautiful to see. It was slightly weird for me though, since I am not used to seeing that area so green. Sunday we went offroading in the hills behind our campground, and even drove along the international border. It is always weird to hear people talking about the border in faraway Portland, and then go home to actually see the physical fence that separates the borders. We did see several Border Patrol vehicles while we went for the drive, but they didn’t stop us.
After that weekend, I spent the next several days riding around with the veterinarian that I usually work with at home in the Imperial Valley and over in Arizona, mainly Casa Grande. It was a lot of hard work, but I really enjoy doing stuff like that. I got to drive around to a lot of different feedlots all over the place and see how they are each different in their own ways. I also stayed at his house over in Arizona and got to see a few feedlots there. One of the main things that they do differently there is that their cowboys ride horses still, while the cowboys in the Imperial Valley mainly just use trucks. For the most part, I usually just watch the vet and see what he does, but sometimes I do get to help him, like when we tested for tuberculosis in some cows that were going to a different state. We have to inject them with an antigen for TB, so I had to lift their tails while he injected the shot in their skin. Then we went back a few days later to determine if they tested positive or not. I also got to ask him a lot of questions and talk to him about animal related stuff that I normally don’t get to talk about here.
Other than that, I didn’t do a whole lot else on my spring break. I was home for a couple days, and got to have some great home-cooked meals. It was relaxing to not have to worry about any school work for a week. Now it is back to work. It will be a busy few weeks, but there are only four more weeks until school is completely finished and everyone will be going home. Until then, I will have to stay on top of all the work.

That is all for this week,

The border runs right through the area.