02 April 2017


Hey friends!

Spring break is coming to a close and I am exhausted. I went to ACDA, the American College Dance Association Northwest Chapter hosted at the University of Oregon in Eugene. I had a really fabulous time, we brought two pieces from LC to perform and be adjudicated.


ACDA basically has a ton of classes you can chose to take during the days and then at night there are concerts -- aka the performances being judged. There were a ton of different schools being represented, and a lot of them were schools primarily arts and dance focused, so there were also a ton of crazy talented dancers at the conference.

I took a few hip hop classes, lyrical classes and a partner stretching class. They were all very fun and different. I've never taken a master class before, so it was a new experience too. They were fast paced, the teachers did a warm up with us and then teach us a combo, then we'd do the combo in groups.

When we performed, it was all very regulated. Everything ran on a tight schedule and they didn't waste any time with people. It was intense, but we made it fun and had a good time. Most of the pieces - in fact all of the pieces were very different from anything I've ever really done. A lot of ambient noise and chanting "music", a lot of spoken word and shaking limbs -- the pieces were mostly all modern/ contemporary pieces, we brought the only piece with a little bit of hip hop.

It was clear in the adjudication panel that they were looking for a very specific thing - and that wasn't what my dance was. We didn't receive much feedback that was helpful or positive. A lot of the pieces were also professionally done by guest choreographers, the majority were then faculty, and very very few were done by undergrad students. However, the other piece we sent, "Fluent" choreographed by Lili, was a favorite. It was chosen as one to be performed in the gala final concert! That was super incredible because the LC dance program is nearly non-existent compared to the other schools that were at the conference, and now hopefully we will receive more recognition as a small school that can still come and hang with the top dogs.

Anyways, the important thing was that we had a good time, we made it fun and weren't too serious. I learned a lot and took classes that I wasn't used to and just took advantage of it all.

I'm pretty tired and my knees are all sorts of bruised lol, life of a dancer.

Anyways, hope everyone is having a great spring, and college acceptances are coming out! Congratulations to you all for getting through the process, it's a long haul. You'll all find a place where you belong and hopefully love. Best of luck to you all :)

If you're making any choices and want to know more about LC or anything in general about college, you can always reach me at ksaylor@lclark.edu