08 April 2017

Australia, Dance Y and Snapchat!

Hey friends,

First week back and it seems everyone is sick, including myself... which is no fun, but hopefully it'll pass soon. Even though I've been under the weather this week, exciting news because next year I'll be going DOWN UNDER! I got accepted into the Australia Biology Study Abroad program!!!!! I can't wait and I am so so so excited!!

It is really crazy how little time we have left! Spring break is over and we only have 4 weeks to go - which is now 3. This means all the classes are winding down and performances are coming up!

Dance Y performances are this week on Thursday and Friday! And SURPRISE! I'll be taking over the snapchat @lclarkpioneers on Thursday, I'll be taking you to my chemistry and biology lab as well as some other classes and then a behind the scenes to Dance Y. If any of you caught my BTS of Dance X, this will be a little bit different so be sure to tune in!

Dance Y 2016

Even though it's spring it hasn't been too warm and sunny, yesterday we had a huge wind storm and today is Lu'au. Lu'au is an event put on by the Asia and Pacific Islander's and Hula Club. Its normally outside on the lawn, theres hula dancing, fire spinning, music and a BBQ. (Unfortunately, being in Portland, the last two years I've been here it's been forced inside due to weather.) But it's a really cool and fun event that gets you in the mood for summer and warm weather :)

With the end of term also comes a fair amount of work and crunch time. We're wrapping up our 4 week independent chemistry lab finding the identity of two unknowns: a solid and liquid. We've done a series of tests that we've learned over the year: IR, NMR, CNMR, solubility, steam distillation, and melting point. We're finishing up our bio lab using gel electrophoresis and PCR to analyze DNA. 

Be sure to tune into snapchat on Thursday and I can show you the labs and then Dance Y! 

As always if you have any questions you can reach me at ksaylor@lclark.edu 

:) ~Kate