04 April 2017

Back from Break

Spring break is over now and most, if not all, of the students have returned.  Monday classes were kind of bare, but the same was true of the Friday preceding break.  I went home for during the week and spent most of my time building stuff for my summer camp.  I teach 7-10 year old boys about nature and the environment so I was building a watershed table.  Basically I’m building a waterproof landscape for the youth to pour water on and watch how it flows and collects pollutants on its way down.  I had friends visit to help me with construction so it was a lot of fun.

Today’s special event was Free Cone Day at Ben & Jerry’s.  Three of us took the Pio downtown after dinner to get free ice cream.  For the most part it didn’t rain on us which was nice.  Pioneer square is about a fifteen minute walk from Shattuck Hall (the current Pio stop), but it doesn’t feel nearly that long if you have company.

Fire Arts is busily working on our performance for the Luau.  Our performance is very traditional so all the performers work with the more traditional props, fire knives and poi, and wear lava-lavas (a small skirt like piece of clothing).  The luau is this Saturday so everyone is rushing to finish their choreography and to test the new tricks they have up their sleeves.  (There may or may not be somersaults and cartwheels during the show).  Even if we are a bit frantic, everyone is looking forward to it.

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