15 April 2017

Dance Y and Wrapping Up the Semester

Hey friends!

Quick throwback from last weekend, in my last post I talked about Lu'au but it hadn't happened by the time the post went up so heres a little screen shot. It was INCREDIBLE! So many hula dances by tons of people, some fire arts and even a piece by professors! (My chem professor, Casey Jones - who is WONDERFUL performed and it was so great :) ) 
(From last week! This was Lu'au -- it was FABULOUS!)
I hope you caught my snap chat take over on Thursday, I had a blast doing it again! In case you missed it I took you around campus and then to the backstage of Dance Y. We unfortunately just finished last night and now dance is done for the semester :'( But it was so so great! 
BTS of Dance Y from my snap takeover 
Snap take over :) 
Dance Y only gets 2 performances, where Dance X has 4, but there were a great two performances. The show was really short this year, but it was such a blast. This week has been really good, the weather is finally getting a bit nicer and we're so close that the excitement for summer is taking over. 

We're wrapping up all the labs this next week and finals are in 12 days (AHHH SCREAMING INTERNALLY CAUSE I'M NOT READY) lol. I'm really excited though. I have my final schedule all set as well as my class schedule for next semester! I'll be taking a short break from labs before my bio intensive spring study abroad and taking Disease Ecology as my bio class, then aquatic chem, intro to computer science, Chinese 201, and then Cross Cultural Psych - which I'm super super excited for! It'll be a great schedule with really interesting classes. I'll be continuing my work with College Outdoors and up at the grad campus, but since I have no labs I might start working on the Natural History Collection with the bio department.

Yesterday was also Festival of Scholars. People present projects they've been working on all semester/year and seniors present their thesis'. We get the day off classes to support our peers and going to presentations. A lot of my friends who did the Natural History Collection this year presented posters at FOS. 

It's been a busy week, but it was really good, we ended it with another high note and last night my friends and I cooked dinner in the Holmes kitchen after my performance. We made gyoza, edamame, mochi and a prawn and udon dish. We all just hung out and had a good meal together :) 

Dinner with friends! 

It'll just keep getting better, it's a sunny day today and I'm downtown in my home off campus at Starbucks working on hw and writing this blog :) Tomorrow I'm leading a CO trip for Sea Kayaking! It'll all super exciting, and just a good time in the year. 

This is getting long, but I was excited to share everything thats been happening. If you have any questions or want to hear more about my life at LC you can always reach me at ksaylor@lclark.edu!\