23 April 2017

Kayaking and the LAST WEEK!

Hey friends!

We're winding down (finally) and we just finished our last full week of school!!! (AHHHHHHHHH)

My last day of class is Wednesday and you'll be able to catch me doing the snapchat take over one last time! Wednesday I'll take you to my classes and around campus, Wednesday is my easy day, I have no labs and no work, so I might even show you the pio bus and downtown... catch me on snap @lclarkpioneers 

This week we have class Monday-Thursday, and Friday is a reading day. Reading days are just study days, although pro tip: DO NOT wait until reading days to start studying.

I can't say I've been all that productive though, last weekend I lead a CO Kayaking trip and this weekend I went on a kayak training trip.

For the day trip we went out to Scapoose Bay, and just had a very relaxing day. The training trip was much more action. We stayed close by and went into the Willamette (the rive below campus that runs through Oregon) and learned correct paddle strokes, how to give a paddle talk, how to wet exit if you flip your boat and how to recuse someone else who has flipped their boat - and how to ultimately re-flip it right side up (if you could follow that jumble of words, props to you). It was a really good trip and I learned a lot of useful information.

Kayak day trip 

Yesterday was also the March for Science, Earth Day and the Spring Carnaval. I've never gone to the carnival because I've been on a CO trip both years, but they have all sorts of rides and games, theres a petting zoo, and of course cotton candy. It's just a nice thing the school does for us in the spring before we lock ourselves away for finals.

I hope to catch you on snapchat on Wednesday, and next week will be my last post of the year!
It's been a pleasure writing for the blog and being able to connect with you all. I hope that you kind of have a better idea of what student life can be like at LC if you chose to come here, and ultimately you'll all find a school that works for you.

Kate <3