12 April 2017

Luau and a Busy week

It is crazy that the semester is almost over. We only have about three weeks of school before all of us head home for the summer, and we don’t have to worry about any more finals. This past week has been really hard. I had a p chem better spell it out test and a biochemistry lab paper both due today, and it has been a pretty long week of working late trying to get both done. My lab partner and I have been chipping away at the paper for the past week, and we finally finished it yesterday. It is probably one of the longest papers I have ever written (2500 words), and I am very glad to have it completed . Now that today is over with, I get to relax and take some time off from school.  Fortunately for me, Friday we do not have classes because it is the Festival of Scholars, where seniors present any projects they have been working on over the whole year. So it will be nice to go see those presentations instead of going to class.

This past weekend, the Hawaii Club here on campus had their annual luau. The Bon caters the event and makes Hawaiian food, which was really good this year. We have quite a few people on campus from Hawaii, and this club helps promote their Hawaiian culture. Of course it is for anyone to join, and there are quite a few of my teammates who are in it. It was held in Pamplin Gym so that it could fit everyone from the school and families who came to the luau. At the end of dinner, all the people in the Hawaii Club do traditional dances such as the haka and the hula, as well as several others. Also, there were fire dancers that had batons with fire at the end that got to present their skills as well. My favorite part of the whole night, though, was that they had shaved ice with ice cream at the bottom, which was absolutely delicious!

With school almost over with, things are going to be really hectic before we can move out. With finals only a few weeks away, I will be staying busy studying. Another thing I will be doing is  helping others pack up and move out since I am a resident advisor.l. Right now we are just starting to plan that out.

That's all for this week.