21 March 2018


hey friends! 


This last week I was at an Aboriginal camp in the glass house mountains just west and north (ish) of Brisbane. Out of respect to the elders, and as the program requests I won’t be writing much about what we did because every year is also different. I will say though, it was my favorite part of this program so far. I learned so much, not only about the culture, history, traditions, and trade crafts, but also about myself more. It was a fantastic time and it’s something I will remember for the rest of my life. 

It was the perfect way to leave the stressful Venom Bio + city life, and a good transition into our spring break :D 

I’m spending the break in Byron Bay, NSW! We arrived yesterday and omg I am in love with this town! I wish I could live here. If any of you are California people, think Venice Beach/ Marina Del Ray/ Santa Cruz, plus my friend says it reminds her of Hawaii too - but not the tourist-y parts. We just rented a little air b&b just 5 minutes away from the beach and about 10 mins away from town. We don’t have any solid plans for our time here, besides lots of rest and relaxation, plus BEACH! I’m dying to learn to surf while I’m here :) A lot of people on the program are doing something called a “work away”. Where you basically live with a host family and work 5 hours a day, but then get room and board for free and the work is all low key and chill. It’s another great alternative since we aren’t doing home stays on this program and you can save money. 

We passed the one month mark a few days ago, and are counting down the days of the semester - which is scary! The program has gone by so fast, and it feels like just yesterday we were all arriving in Sydney and gawking at the birds and being freaked out by driving on the left side of the road. 

I don't know what my service looks like for the rest of the program. The house we have now has no wifi, so I'm on a hot spot, and will continue to try to post every week! 

If you have any questions I'll return emails as soon as possible!