29 November 2017

Thanksgiving and Looking Forward


Super late again on the post, and super short post, sorry friends!

I hope you all had wonderful Thanksgivings and were able to have a break from school and a relaxing nice time with family!

I kind of did... I was assigned A TON of work and I haven't posted until just now because I've been playing catch up a bit since I didn't do as much of my homework as I should have over break :3 oopsies. But I was able to goto Seattle, see my mom, and we had friends from Philly fly out to spend Thanksgiving with us. My mom and I tend to "skip" the regular Thanksgiving turkey feast and we usually go for dim sum :D However, this year with friends we went all out and had sooo much food, I'm still in a food coma from it.

This week is flying by and this semester is almost OVER!!! What the actual HECK?! I have a final paper/lab report/ presentation in EVERY one of my classes and they are ALL due next week and so I'm scrambling a bit and it's stressful but we're so close!

Dance X is also fast approaching! Tech week is this next week too (which leaves no time to do all my assignments >.< AHHH) but fingers crossed, I know it'll all get done.

Then it's finals and holy moley, less than 2 months until I leave for AUSTRALIA!!! I am so beyond excited! I will be posting while I'm there as much as I can, but there's another blog from all the students abroad so check out that blog too! Every student from every trip posts and it's a great way to see what the study abroad programs are doing.

Thats all for now, sorry guys! I'll post a longer one this weekend and actually clue you into what going on.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Thanksgiving Adventures

Unfortunately, it’s too far for me to travel home for Thanksgiving, but this year I joined my roommate and her family in Chicago.  It was a lot of fun.  We had a nice Thanksgiving dinner with her family and spent the rest of break exploring Chicago or lying around actually taking a break. 

Lake Michigan is cold.  Luca, my roommate’s dog, dropped her ball off the pier and since she doesn’t understand depth, I had to go get it.  It was only about knee deep, but there were ice chunks on shore and the water was freezing.  It was worth it though to see Luca happy again.  She was very upset about losing her ball and was trying to dig through the water to get it. 

We also saw some of Chicago’s sights.  We went to Millennium Park and saw a bunch of strange art.  The iconic piece being The Bean.  The Bean is actually supposed to be a cloud, but, despite its mirror surface, it is very much bean shaped. 

Another highlight was the trip to the botanical gardens.  Though not currently flowering, we were excited to see the corpse flower.  Since the plants are quite hard to take care of and their flowers smell like rotting meat (that is, when they can be coaxed into blooming), they are an uncommon sight. 

We also went to visit the aquarium.  Pictured here are eggs from a bamboo shark.  They are alive and we were able to see them wriggling around inside their eggs.  They were adorable.

Do you have questions about Lewis & Clark?  Feel free to send me an email at ameliaberle@lclark.edu

28 November 2017

Staying on Track in College

Hey guys, happy Tuesday!

As usual, I've been pretty busy. I'm right in the beginning of basketball, so it has been hectic balancing school with games and practices. It's definitely time consuming playing a sport collegiately, but I would still encourage people to do it if they have the opportunity to! However, with that being said, there are still hard sides to it. Time management is crucial - it took me a while to adjust to my busy schedule. Everyone in college though, not just athletes, go through the same thing. Students juggle club activities, school work, and even jobs. For those reasons, I thought I would share my top three ways I keep sane.

1. Keep a planner!

I can't stress this enough - having something to physically see deadlines is so helpful. Trying to memorize every date an assignment is due or when you have that club meeting is stressful. I write down major assignments and even plan out my day, hour-by-hour, so that I never have to worry about completing things last minute.

2. Don't be afraid to ask for help.

I tried to do everything on my own and learned quickly that doing that just stressed me out more. If your lost, ask questions during class. If you need more help, see your teachers during office hours. For me personally, doing homework in the SQRC (tutoring center for multiple subjects) here at LC helped me stay on track during classes.

3. Make sure you get your "me" time.

In college, I think it's hard to get your alone time when your schedule is so busy. Make sure you get some time to yourself, whether that be by going on a walk or reading in a quiet space. I like to ride the Pio bus here down to Portland and grab some coffee to recharge after a busy week.

These are the major ways I stay on track here at LC. Obviously, everyone has their different ways of keeping sane and that's totally fine! If you have any questions or comments though, feel free to shoot me an email at jillianjin@lclark.edu. 

Until then,


Break and More!

Hey everyone! How's it going? How are you?

I hope all of you had an amazing break and for those who celebrate Thanksgiving, I hope you all had a yummy feast! I actually went home for Thanksgiving and I'm so glad I did! While I was soooooo not happy being in that 90 degree weather back in California, I enjoyed seeing my family again and surprising my best friends. The original plan was that I wasn't gonna come home for Thanksgiving but I ended up buying a ticket Sunday night and decided not to tell any of my friends. That way, when I did come home, I could surprise them! One of my friends was mad at me for not telling her but she still loves me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

For break, I rented out a camera from the IT desk which is super amazing for them to have! They have camera like Lumix and Canon ones and they're in super nice condition and a convenient way to get your hands on a camera without spending money! Here are some shots I got over break:
Brother with his Turkey Leg
Dad cutting the Turkey
My family and my brother's friend
Anyway, now that break is over, it's back to work! I actually had a student last night that I was hosting! Her name was Claudia and she was super chill and nice! 
One of the biggest things that happened on my floor was that my neighbor, Karli (You might remember her if you read my Halloween post!), now has her dog on campus! She is sooo cute and it's nice having a dog in the hall!
Meet Roxie!
Karli and Roxie!
That's pretty much it for now! The only thing left is to get through this week and patiently wait for the weekend as much as I can because I finally turn 18 on Saturday! Anyway, I really should go and finish up my homework! 

If you have any questions or just want to talk, you can reach me at:


Here's the quote of the week:

"One day, in retrospect, the years of struggle will strike you as the most beautiful.” - Sigmund Freud 

♥ Jessica

21 November 2017

Hacking Competition

The login page we were supposed to get past

This weekend I finished my first final project for the semester.  Yeah, it’s a little early, I know, but at least this way it can’t cause problems with my other final projects.  For Computer and Network Security, a number of us chose to participate in the National Cyber League’s Postseason Game as our final project.  The National Cyber League runs an online cybersecurity competition twice a year consisting of a preseason (warm up game to rank everyone), 1-2 regular season games (a weekend of individual competition), and a postseason game (a weekend of team play).  Lewis and Clark hosted two teams and I’m pleased to say we did better than the other team, even though they had the TA.

Chrome's developer tools

Security has been a fun class and we have learned a lot.  My final presentation will likely be on one of the websites I broke onto during the postseason. It was really poorly secured; most websites do a much better job.  The only tool you needed were the developer tools in most web browsers.  I probably shouldn’t give away an answer to a competition’s question so I won’t give specifics, but basically when you attempted to log in it checked the password you entered against a password stored in the source code of the website.  You could easily find it when poking through with the developer tools.

The flag you see once you get in

For Thanksgiving, I’ll be joining my roommate in Chicago.  I really look forward to the break, but somehow, I feel I won’t be catching up on any sleep.

Have any questions?  Please email me at ameliaberle@lclark.edu

You don't have to be a computer expert to take Security.  It only requires Computer Science I.

Relax Before Break

Hi everyone! How are you? How's it going?

Many of you already know that this week is Thanksgiving break for everyone. I hope that all of you are using this time to relax and catch up on anything that you need to do! As for me, I actually used this past weekend to relax and have a girls day with my friend, Karli!

Sadly, I didn't take any pictures because my phone is not cooperating with me and refuses to charge so I wasn't really on my phone much. Anyways, Karli and I went downtown to Powells and I was able to find a violin music book so I can start practicing again because I really miss playing! We also went to some music stores because Karli is interested in learning violin and wanting to invest in one! We even crossed the bridge to get to a music store and ended up in Northeast Portland where we also got to eat Pho! It was Karli's first time having Pho and I would say the one we went to was pretty darn good (・∀・)

Sorry but this week's post is going to be shorter than usual because I am going home tomorrow for the break and I have an essay for E&D to get done but I am super happy to go home and see my family and surprise all of my friends! I hope that all of you have an amazing break and for those of you who do celebrate Thanksgiving, I hope you have an amazing couple of days of relaxation!

If you have any questions or just want to talk, you can reach me at:


Here's this week quote:

"I like flaws. I think they make things interesting." - The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen

♥ Jessica

20 November 2017

Tough Breaks and Good Breaks

Hey friends!

Sorry I didn't post Saturday! I was waiting again for Sunday because we had our second dance showing and I wanted to post photos from the showing! Our piece was a bit of a hot mess though... because this past Friday we learned one of our dancers dislocated her shoulder and now can't perform! Its so sad whenever anyone gets injured, but we're also only about two weeks out from our final performance, and with Thanksgiving this week we are down to three more rehearsals. We had to reset and basically scratch three months of choreo in one night, two days before the showing (AIYAA). So yeah, the showing was rough for us ... BUT, we had rehearsal and fixed it more and just practiced the new choreo to get it in our bones.

This past week was jammed packed, I had a paper due, a midterm, a quiz, and problem set all due. And I have a lot of work to do over the break - which I want to try to get a head start on, but there wasn't a ton of work due for this mini half week - which meant I was able to get a bit of break this weekend :D

My Saturday was really good though! This was the first Saturday all semester I didn't go to my usual Starbucks and do homework routine (which, in all honestly, I probably should have, because now I'm a bit behind..whoops) but instead I hung out with friends and got some boba and sushi and then also had a "Pre-Thanksgiving Friendsgiving" and did a family dinner with my friend group. It was a really great day :D 

My Sunday was a bit rough, we had the showing for three hours in the morning and then went straight from that to the molecular lab to redo our serial dilutions and plating the growth assays. We spent three hours in the lab, just enough time for me to get out with two minutes to run to dance rehearsal for another three hours. I was DEAD. I also didn't get much to eat that day, so I was just running on empty. But in the end, it was a good day, we finally got a successful plating and polished our piece.

First round of Growth Assays 

Our molecular lab is a lowkey a pain in the butttt!!! In laymen's terms we mutated a promotor and we're trying to see what happens in the reporter. However, this round of growth assays, we somehow messed up and got growth on the wrong samples... so... hopefully *fingers crossed* our second round we made on Sunday worked well...

This week is short and easy. Just a bit more than 2 days and then I get to leave Wednesday morning! I'm really excited to go to my mom's place and eat REAL food!!! WHOO~

I'll try to be more on top of posting this weekend,
Have a happy Thanksgiving, or just break! Celebrating whatever y'all celebrate! But I hope you all have a wonderful rest with your family!