26 March 2017

Made it to Spring Break!!!

Hey friends!

So we made it! It's spring break! This week was filled with exams but wasn't bad. I finished up my Ochem on Wednesday, had a paper due on Wednesday too, and then had my calculus and psych exam as well as my bio lab report due on Friday -- and while it makes the week before break a bit rough, it makes spring break quite enjoyable :) I remember being in high school and always having a ton of work over break, now it's not so bad.

On Thursday night I went to the Crystal Ballroom to see Dan + Shay!!!! (I bought these tickets over Christmas, and could have done some better planning on the timing with exams, but it worked well, it was an early concert and I had started studying very early) It was SO SO SO GREAT! I've never been to a concert so it was great to go, and to see a band that I love so much.

Dan + Shay -- Country duo band <333 

Last weekend I also went downtown with some of my friends. We took advantage of the warm weather and went down to South East. We hung out and took some "basic" pictures in front of some of the street art - which is truly incredible. Portland really is so beautiful when the weather is sunny. The city and the campus comes to life. 

This is a mural!!! What the heck! So much talent!

I came home to Seattle on Friday night and I'm just chilling here until Wednesday when I go down to Eugene for ACDA!!! The other part of this month that I'm ecstatic for! I registered for the classes on Monday and I'm planning on taking a lot of hip hop and lyrical! We also get to bring out the COUCH DANCE!! New cast, old dance, new memories :D Anyways, I look forward to this break, catching up on much needed sleep and then dancing 5-8 hours a day for 4 days :D

As always if you have any questions I love hearing from you all, shoot me an email at ksaylor@lclark.edu if you have any questions about student life, Portland, dance or anything :)


22 March 2017

Almost Spring Break

It is almost time for Spring Break finally. This past has been fairly easy because I haven’t had too much homework or anything because all of my tests finished last week. It even feels more and more like spring here now that the sun is starting to come out more instead of it raining all the time. Hopefully by the time we are all back from spring break the sun will be out all the time and everyone at school can be outside and enjoy the sun. Once the sun really starts to come out, lots of people like to go down to the gardens to sunbathe or play some time of games.

For spring break my brother and I are driving home for the week. The only downside to this is that it is about an 18 hour drive to get there. Since we are leaving tomorrow afternoon, we will be taking turns driving so that we can both get some sleep. Even though it is a long drive, it is a lot of fun because we get to spend time together for a long time. Over break, I don’t have a lot of plans to do anything. I will probably go to San Diego for a few days to visit my girlfriend who goes to school there. I might try to work with the veterinarian who I spent time with last summer just so I can get more experience. It will also make me keep working and not too relaxed for my week off.

Since it has been an easy week, all I have had to focus on is spring ball. It has been going well so far, but we are still just going slow and learning a lot. We will have about three weeks of practice after we get back from break. Then it will basically be the end of the semester, which is crazy to think about. The end of the year is creeping up on us fast. It is weird because I will only have a year left here after this semester ends, then it will be time for me to start looking at grad schools that I will want to attend.

Well that's it for this week, I will be making sure to soak up as much sun as I can when I am home.


Another sushi place with my friends. 

Finally some sun!

18 March 2017

Work work work

Hey friends,

Another week passed, one more to go. We're coming to that time where you blink and the semester is gone. It's a fun and exciting time where there is a lot happening, but it's exhausting.

A lot of people finished their exams last week and the excitement to just get through this last week and onto spring break is in the air. Unfortunately for myself I'm not quite there yet.

I had my biology 200 midterm last Monday, I have my organic chemistry midterm on Wednesday and my Brain and Behavior and calc exam Friday. Psych paper due Wednesday, and a lab report due Thursday. Then I'm done! This Thursday I'm going to a concert at the Crystal Ballroom - which, I bought these tickets months ago and should have planned a bit better, but it's one of - if not my favorite duo, Dan + Shay. I've only been to one concert before and I'm crazy excited! Means I really have to be ready for these exams by Thursday before I go...yay long late nights of studying...

Dance Y has been coming along really well and we're finished with our dance! We're cleaning it up a bit and making small adjustments but the choreo is there :) We've got a dress rehearsal the week after we get back, and then the performance is just a week after that! I'm really excited to see everyone else's piece.

ACDA is also just around the corner! Our last rehearsal is tomorrow!!! (Which is a bit scary too, cause it needs some work, but we'll get it done) In less than 2 weeks we'll be performing in front of judges and getting adjudicated. I'll also have the opportunity to take a ton of really interesting and diverse classes in different styles. I was looking over the schedule and theres a water ballet course that sounds really great, and then some hip hop classes and other more lyrical and contemporary classes. I can't wait! I've been dancing for over 14 years but I never competed or took any master classes so I'm really excited for this opportunity :)

I also had my study abroad interview today! I'm planning on going to Australia on the biology program. I was able to talk to Greta today and learn more about the itinerary and the finer details of what the program would be like and I can't wait. We'll be doing a lot of traveling and a ton of field research and getting lab experience. We'll start in Sydney then travel to an aboriginal town, then to Brisbane and from there all over the Gold Coast, the rain forests, the outback, the Great Barrier Reef... The list goes on and I'm ecstatic, it really can't come fast enough!

I have a lot of exciting things coming up, I just have to remind myself that as I pull some late nights >.<

I hope everyone is having a good spring break, I know a lot of y'all are hearing from your colleges and now having to decide where you want to go! I wish you all the best of luck and hope you find a school that is the right fit :)

As always if you have any questions about student life, dance, study abroad, anything about LC feel free to reach out to me @ ksaylor@lclark.edu!

I'm happy to answer your questions :)


15 March 2017

Spring Ball

This past week we got to start spring ball for football, and it has been going pretty well so far. We practice Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday in the mornings at 7, which can be rough getting up for. I personally like having practices in the morning. I am more of a morning person in the sense that I like to have the afternoons off to relax. However, that doesn’t mean I am the happiest person though in the mornings… Once I get moving though I am a lot betters. So far all we have practiced is just drills for our specific positions and a very limited amount of team interactions. Right now we are all focused at getting our assignments down before we start to really get into football again.

Spring week starts next week, which is shocking to me. The end of this semester is almost in sight. We only have about 30 days of school left, which is even crazier! Unfortunately this will keep me incredibly busy until the semester ends. Spring break will be nice to have a week off to go home and relax with my family. My brother and I are driving home next week, and it should take us about 18 hours to make it back home. While it is a super long drive, it is way cheaper than flying at this time of year. Alex and I take turns, so it makes it a lot better than just driving it straight through. I hope over the break to work the veterinarian that I spent last summer with, and get some more experience with him. Whenever I work with him, I always learn a lot, which helps me get practice with the animals that I don’t get here at school.

Also, unfortunately, our soccer team lost in the semi-finals 3-2. It was actually a super good game, and all of us played really well. I even got our two goals! Now that we are done with soccer, we will start playing basketball intramurals soon. This is something that a lot of our better at, and we are trying to win the whole tournament. Other than that, I have been studying all week for my test that is coming up on Friday in Metabolic Biochemistry. After that test, I will have no work until after spring break, so I get to relax for a bit.

Until next week,
A couple of us went and got sushi last Friday. 

11 March 2017

OMSI Brain Fair

Hey friends!

The 8th week of the semester has come to a close and we're moving in to our second round of midterms. I have my bio 200 one on Monday (ACK - writing this is my study break lol).

This week was another week that just seems to get faster and faster. It was a bit rainier this week and as we're moving into midterms, you can kind of feel the stress in the air. This week was rougher for me, just a lot of stuff going on. However Friday was kind of sunny, I got off work early (!) and last night a friend of mine had a little BBQ, so I took the night off and hung with friends.

This morning I skipped my run - when I woke up at 7 it was pouring rain and my bed just felt so comfy - but I came downtown to OMSI - the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry.

I've never been to OMSI before - and even today I didn't go into the actual museum for any exhibits. For my Brain and Behavior class we had to go down to the Brain Fair put on by OHSU - Oregon Health & Science University at OMSI.

Brain Fair

I looked into two specific booths. The first one was studying how the brain changes during puberty by studying how the brain of the Manduca sexta (the Tobacco hawk moth) and how the brain of the caterpillar changes when it becomes a moth. 

Larval Stages of the Moth's Development 

The second was on the study of methamphetamines on the human brain by studying mice brain's. 

Poster from the Brain Fair 
The fair was very cool and there was a lot of interesting booths to look at - however I'm so busy that I didn't get to spend as long as I wanted there. I'm camped out in my usual Starbucks doing my homework and studying for this biology midterm. 

That's all for this week, 
if you have any questions, you can always reach me at ksaylor@lclark.edu


08 March 2017

Midterms Finally Over

Well all my tests are finally over, and I survived. Barely. It has been a tough week so far. I have spent the past week or so studying for my tests, so it feels great to finally be done and have a bit of breathing room. Now all I have left is another test Friday, and then it will be Spring Break soon! I am really looking forward to going home for the break and getting some much needed sunshine. Hopefully by the time break ends Portland will start getting some sun.

This past weekend, our intramural soccer team just started the playoffs for the tournament. Now for the most part, our team is made up of football players who have very little experience playing soccer. We do have a few girls that play on the varsity soccer team here, and they help us out a lot. Our team is the Lives of Pablo, after Kanye West’s album last year which is when we made our team. After playing the full time, which is 20 minute halves, we were tied with the other team 2-2. The director of the intramurals then decided to have us go to penalties, which were super stressful. I have never had to go through penalties before, and it was crazy how stressful it was. I could never imagine doing something like that on a huge stage such as the World Cup. Thankfully when it was my turn, I was able to score my penalty. The rest of my team also scored theirs, and our goalie blocked the other teams very first shot, which meant we won and moved on to the semi-finals. All of us were incredibly excited after the game, and it was a great feeling to win, especially since we all didn’t think we would get this far.

Next week the football team starts spring ball, which is something I am looking forward to. We will finally get to start building for next season. Spring ball is great because it helps us get our defense down and everyone can slow down the game to analyze what we really are doing. It also helps that every single person from our defense from last season is coming back, and we didn’t lose anyone because we didn’t have any seniors. This will be nice because everyone has played and they know what they are doing. For the most part it will be 7 on 7, which is just passing because we don’t have pads and the lineman will do their own thing. We will go until spring break, and then for another three weeks after the break.

That’s all I got for this week. Have a good week everyone.


The Lives of Pablo, with our own custom shirts. 

Me in the bottom row in the middle with my teammates. 

07 March 2017

Fire and the Rain

I’ll be honest, I slept through most of this weekend.  I wasn’t feeling well so I didn’t get up to a whole lot.   My roommate and I watched Anastasia Saturday night – mostly because “In the Dark of the Night” has been stuck in our heads since Fire Arts practice.  It is confirmed, we’re doing a Disney themed spring show next week.  If you are in the area, you are welcome to join us at 9:30pm on the 17th or 18th in front of Maggie’s (the campus store by West Hall).  Things are a bit hectic because the day of the show is coming up so soon.  We still have new props to make and a lot of practice to do.  No one is going to escape having Disney songs stuck in their head for the next four months.

I’m a lab assistant for Bio-151 (an introductory genetics course) and we’re gearing up for my favorite experiment.  Each lab group is going to extract DNA from a sushi sample gathered from various stores in Portland and they will identify the type of fish based on the DNA information they get.  They’ll then compare it to what the fish was labeled as.  The mislabeling of fish is actually a pretty large issue in the industry and this gives the students a chance to see that.  I had a lot of fun with this lab Last year.

It has also been a bit rainy recently, which hasn’t been helping with fire practice, but, even with the rain, some days can beautiful.  The weather has been unusually weird; yesterday the sun came out just after a brief hail shower, sending a rainbow up over Albany and turning the campus dazzlingly bright.  I had to squint on my walk to dinner.  

Have questions about life here at L&C? Send me an email at ameliaberle@lclark.edu

04 March 2017

International Fair and Spring!

Hey friends!

Today was the 52th annual LC International Fair! We have a ton of students who are either on the ESL program (English as a Second Language) - mostly from Japan and then a ton of other students who are here as international students, and more still that are like me who have grown up in the US but have ties to another country. This means we get to represent many of the countries present at LC.

We start the day off with brunch from many different countries! Students have spent the last 3 days cooking (I should know, all of my friends were helping and I helped a little last night) to make a few traditional dishes of their region. The Bon is transformed into a ton of stations with different cuisines and different tables of the represented countries.

International Bon 

Afterward there are performances in the chapel. These range from singing, a lot of dancing, some musical instrumental performances and a fashion show :) It's a blast to be involved but to also go watch it.
South East Asia group :D (majority of us) 

This year I was in a hip hop piece for Latin America and then two traditional dances for South East Asia.

Indonesia Dance 
I went on a run this morning, another 7 mile run! I've been doing the run down to Oswego a lot this week, totaling 35 miles this week! Feeling really proud and ready for my 15k coming up!

It's been a really good week, I did well on my midterms and I'm really proud of how much I've been running :D The weather in Portland is starting to turn to spring, this doesn't mean warm or sunny really (lol, keeping that Portland Pale) but the flowers have started to bloom! 

March is a good month in general; I'm going to a concert at the Crystal Ballroom, spring break is a few weeks away and that also means ACDA! 

Happy Spring you guys! Hope your weeks are all going well!
You can reach me if you have any questions or just want to talk at ksaylor@lclark.edu