28 October 2018

Marine Biology Field Trip #2

This weekend was our second fieldtrip for marine biology.  We drove about 5 hours to a town called Charleston.  It’s a pretty small town holding a few restaurants, two tiny supermarkets, and the Oregon Institute of Marine Biology.  We stayed in the OIMB dorms for our two nights there.  On Saturday we got a tour of the facilities, toured the Charleston Marine Life Center, and then went to Cape Arago to collect data for our various projects.

OIMB’s facilities were pretty cool.  They have an ocean table in each classroom.  Basically, it’s a room-length shallow sink which has water running to it from the ocean.  This allows them to set up a lot of tanks to observe marine life.  Apparently, instead of having a couple classes that are an hour or two long on multiple days of the week, classes at OIMB last a full day (8:30am-5pm) but only happen once a week.  The time in class is used for a short lecture then work on projects and/or field trips.

After the tour and seeing all their cool creatures we went to tour the Charleston Marine Life Center.  It’s an educational center that’s part museum, part aquarium.  They have lots of cool sea creatures on the first floor including a giant Pacific octopus!  Upstairs they have a huge collection of sea shells, some skeletons, and a huge whale skull.

After lunch, we headed out to Cape Arago to collect data for our projects as the tide went out.  My team was looking at the sizes of different anemones in the presence or absence of potentially competing species in each tide pool.  While we were waiting for the tide to go down, we saw sealions, seals, and even a gray whale!

It was a great trip and I really enjoyed how much it added to my experience in marine biology.

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Row Pios

Hello everyone!

This week has been BUSY! Midterms, a College Outdoors trip, and a regatta in Tacoma, WA. In this post, I want to share a little about my experience at LC as a student-athlete and being a part of the rowing/crew team.

Before coming to LC I knew that I wanted to try rowing since I had some friends who became college rowers in prior years and it seemed like a cool sport. I also read Boys in the Boat the summer before college which inspired me even more to row. 10/10 would recommend you read the book too.

Since Lewis & Clark is a Division 3 school I have found that athletics are very easy to balance with academics, jobs, and other commitments. The process to join the crew team is really easy and free: filling out medical paperwork, taking a concussion baseline test, and showing up to practice. We have practice 6 days a week - Monday through Saturday. Mondays and Thursdays we have 6:20am practcie in the weight room to do strength training. During the school week, we usually don’t have every single person on the team present at practice due to various class conflicts. Night practices consist of taking a van down to the Willamette River, rowing for an hour and a half or so, and then heading back to school and eating as a team in the dining hall.
Rigging the boats

Joining the LC crew team has honestly been one of the best decisions I’ve made. The team is so inviting and supportive. We work hard to push each other to reach new goals and make sure everyone is taking part. The novice team especially is super close which is so cool to be a part of. The varsity rowers are very helpful in guiding and leading the novices. Sometimes we row within our own groups but more often than not, some novice rowers will row in the varsity boats to get more practice and learn more skills. We have just one more week of the fall season and then we won’t be on the water again until the spring season starts. During the past 6 weeks, I have formed new friendships, learned so much, and gotten stronger.

Carrying the boat up post-race
Today we piled into a bus at 5:15am to head up to Tacoma, WA for a regatta (a rowing race) hosted by the University of Puget Sound and Pacific Lutheran. On the lake, we were met with strong winds and cold rain. I rowed in both the varsity women’s 8 boat and the novice women’s 8 boat. In the varsity boat we did a 4k race and in the novice boat we did two 2k races pretty much back-to-back. This was my first real race of the year. It was really fun to have a lot of other boats to race against and put everything I’ve been learning for the past 6 weeks to use. All crews did a really good job today in the less than pleasant conditions. We came in 3rd place in the women’s varsity 8 4k race and we came in 2nd place in both heats of the women’s novice 2k.

Next weekend we have our last race with the whole team called the “Orange & Black”. Essentially, the team has been split up into an orange and a black team and we race against each other for fun and time. Then on Sunday, the varsity crews will head up to Seattle for the Head of the Lake Regatta.

Also: I hope you enjoyed the title of the blog post - Instead of “Roll Pios” it’s “Row Pios” because rowing ya know? :)

Have a wonderful day!


Lewis & Clark Halloween

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Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. Putting together costumes is so much fun, and it's a great excuse to eat too much candy, and Halloween parties are the best. I was a little apprehensive about celebrating Halloween my first year on campus because I didn't know what to expect. So far though I've really enjoyed it. It's always fun when Halloween falls in the middle of the week because people will celebrate the weekends before and after. So far to celebrate there has been pumpkin carving, dancing, costume shopping on a budget, and Rocky Horror Picture show.

It feels like the epitome of Fall walking around campus this time of year. There are colorful leaves strewn across the lawns and cobblestone walkways. All of the trees and changing colors. It's a little bit cloudy and a little bit chilly, but there hasn't been too much rain yet so it's the perfect sweater weather. Most importantly though there are Halloween decorations all over campus. People have carved pumpkins and placed them outside almost all of the dorms. They look very picturesque lined up on the steps leading up to the main entrance for Manzanita where I live. A number of the different departments have also put up cute little decorations all over. My favorite thing though is that someone on my dorm floor decided to cut ghosts out of some notebook paper and they went around and put the ghosts on every door with people's names on them. Everyone's in the spirit and it's fun.

SweenyCampus Activities Board has also put on all kinds of activities for Halloween. Friday night there was a Halloween Silent Disco. If you've never been to a silent disco, it's when everyone is provided with headphones, and the same music plays for everyone, but as soon as you take the headphones off it's quiet and you can have a normal volume conversation. It's super fun when you have the headphones on and you're dancing with your friends. But it's almost more fun when you take your headphones off and you get to watch everyone dancing to nothing and singing loudly without music. They played  Thriller for Halloween, and some fun remixed star wars soundtrack, and then at one point they played bohemian rhapsody and everyone got really really into it, singing at the top of our lungs. I also enjoyed when they played the cupid shuffle. It felt a little like a high school dance except everyone was just there to have fun and there was less social pressure. CAB also put on some other events like pumpkin carving in Templeton. And other clubs have also put together events for the weekend around Halloween. The Spanish club had a big salsa dance party Saturday night, and the Queer Student Union put on a super fun Halloween themed drag show. I think everyone I know had something about it on their snapchats. And finally, the theater department is putting on Sweeny Todd in November and everyone I've talked to is excited about seeing it soon.

There's also some fun off-campus events too. Last Friday night my friends and I went to go see the midnight showing of Rocky Horror Picture Show off campus at the Clinton Street Theater. It wasn't too far from campus and we all just split two Lyfts to get there. It was a really cool and funky old theater. They played the movie through the projector and then had a stage to perform on. We had such a fun time. They sold prop bags for the show to throw rice and toast and toilet paper around for the show. They also had really delicious popcorn with real butter and honestly, I would go back to the theater just for that. The performance was really really good. It was really interactive and most of us going were rocky horror "virgins" so we went through the light hazing for that together. It didn't get over until almost 3 am and I was very exhausted and ready for bed by then, but it was definitely worth it to go. It's been fun to enjoy all the on-campus events and go to some off campus as well this weekend.

Now I have to work on putting together my costume for Wednesday to wear around campus for the day. I've got a shiny looking orange jacket, and an orange hat, and I'm going to cut some letters out of black paper and go as a "road work ahead" sign. I think all of my friends and most students will appreciate the vine reference but I know my professors will be pretty confused. Either way I know Wednesday will be a fun day on campus.

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25 October 2018

Snapchat/IG Takeover

Hey Friends!

I'm sorry I'm so late on this blog! I was waiting to get the Dance X showing photos so I could post them but I still don't them yet... 

So back on the grind, I just had a cell take home exam and I have a physics and psych exam next week. Starting to get back into the midterm/exam season. The past week has been really busy also getting my Journal Club on track. Journal Club is a project you do in most upper level bio and chem classes where you read a paper on a topic that relates to what you're learning in class and then you present and essentially teach the class on your topic. 

This past weekend was the dance showing! It was really great, we get to see the other pieces and what they've been working on. We get feedback on our piece and it's just a fun time to be around everyone in the dances that we normally don't see. -- Speaking of....

This next Monday I will be doing a Snapchat and Instagram takeover so be sure to check it out! 

I'll be taking you through my very busy Monday, all my classes and then work at College Outdoors. 

...annddd later in the semester I'll be doing a takeover again but I'm going to make it on a Dance X performance day!!! (Probably Friday December 7th)
I've done this the last two years and I always try to get a BTS of Dance X.

This was a BTS of Dance Y in 2016

Make sure you don't miss it!

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23 October 2018

Sick Sunday

Hi everyone! How are you? How's it going?

As the title of my post says, I have unfortunately got sick. I was going suuuper strong considering my roommate and a majority of my friends have been sick on and off since the start of the semester. But my body decided to finally gave into the sickness. 

I'm just happy that I got sick after exams week but being sick is no fun either! It reminds me that I need to take better care of myself and really pay attention to what my body is telling me about my health. Thankfully, I started to treat my cold early so I've started to feel a lot better!

The worst thing about getting sick though is how much you fall behind ; - ;
Luckily, I have amazing friends and classmates who have been helping me catch up with everything and making sure that I don't fall behind too bad in class! Plus I got super lucky that my calc three professor pushed the due date for our homework assignment to Friday so now I get more time to work on it!

Other than that, Portland has had some super foggy days lately which meant the past couple of days have been filled with warmth and sunshine! Not gonna lie though, I really miss the rain and it's supposed to start raining later this week and I'm so excited! I miss the sound and smell of rain!

I'm going to cut this post short today due to playing catch up from being sick but I hope you all have an amazing rest of the week!

♥ Jessica

21 October 2018

Board Game Night!

This weekend I attended the semi-annual Chinese Food and German Board Games night.  One of my friends hosts a couple professors, many students, and two dogs for an evening of playing board games and eating Chinese takeout.  German board games are a style of fairly complex strategic games such as Settlers of Catan, Carcassonne, and Ticket to Ride.  Before dinner we had a lot of fun playing a game stacking various weirdly shaped blocks.  Admittedly, we chose new rules each time we played.  Sometimes the goal was to build it the highest, other times it was to put as many pieces on it as possible, sometimes it was timed, and sometimes we had to alternate between the black (more regular) and red (really weirdly shaped) blocks.  After dinner, my group played two games of Flash Point: Fire Rescue.  It’s a cooperative game where your characters are a group of firefighters battling a dangerous fire.  In our case, we chose a submarine fire and an airplane fire.  Very surprisingly, we won both rounds.  At previous CFGBGs we’ve won half or fewer of the Flash Point games.

Tower construction

Watching the two dogs get along was amusing.  Violet is small and long and looks a lot like a miniature German shepherd.  Luca on the other hand is fairly large, she’s a Belgian Malinois. Basically, she looks like a more slender version of a German shepherd.  Violet may be small, but her voice isn’t.  When she barks, the much larger Luca would go sit next to someone she knew for comfort.  When violet realized that Luca was not a threat to her household they both went their separate ways and promptly spent the rest of the evening ignoring one another.

Luca trying to fit in Violet's bed
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Fall Midterm Update

Hello everyone!

Happy midterm season - we are already about halfway through fall semester (it is crazy how fast time seems to fly in college). The weeks zoom by because for me they’re packed with classes, sports, and clubs. This past week we were fortunate enough to have many days of bright, warm sun. Everyone was outside sitting on the grass studying and hanging out again. The fall vibes are very present on campus. On Friday, a thick fog rolled in and covered campus which was pretty cool. People have put up fun Halloween decorations in their dorms and on their windows.

I have taken my first international affairs midterm which was a success. Long nights in the library studying leading up to the test really paid off. I have a midterm in my Chinese class and my Colonial Latin American history class coming up this week. For my history class, we are actually acting out a trial as the midterm exam (along with turning in a paper). We have been studying the conquest of the Aztec empire and the role of Spanish conquistador Hernan Cortes in the destruction of the empire and death of Moctezuma. Some students are taking on roles such as Cortes, Cuauhtémoc, Malinche, Las Casas, Sahagún, and will be giving witness testimonies during the trial. Other students make up both legal teams, the jury, and I am the judge of the trial. I think that this is a really cool way to take what we’ve been studying for the past two months and test our own knowledge and analyzations of history.

This weekend I went to the coast on a student coordinator training trip with College Outdoors. We went to Cape Lookout state park and stayed in yurts! The ocean was incredible and very very cold. Over the weekend we learned new outdoors skills and the ins and outs of preparing, leading, and cleaning up from a trip. We played frisbee on the beach, made s'mores over a beach fire, and sang songs as the sun set. It was an awesome opportunity to gain more knowledge of College Outdoors and meet fellow student leaders and student coordinators. This weekend served as a nice mental reset for the upcoming week. Now I am back on campus getting ready for a busy week of schools and exams.

Have a wonderful day!



Hey Everyone!
My name is Jack and I am currently a freshman here at L&C. I am from a little town in the Bay Area. Yes I am one of the many people from the Bay Area. I am on the football team here and some of my favorite things to do away from the classroom and the field is anything that has to do with the outdoors from hiking to fly fishing, as well as playing drums. I am currently on track to be majoring in both History and Anthropology.
For this blog, I just wanted to go over what an average, in-state, away game for football. We start up the day by waking up around 7:30-8:00 and then go to Chapel and breakfast at the Bon from 8:15-9:00. After breakfast, we go down to the locker room and pack our bags with our gear. Offense/Defensive meetings usually go from about 9:20-9:50. We board the busses and leave around 10:15 and kickoff is usually at 1:00 pm

Since we played at Pacific University this weekend, the bus ride was only about 30-45 minutes. Being from a fairly urban part of the Bay Area, one of the best perks of traveling to away games is being able to see the Oregon country side, especially during the fall. 

As for the rest of the weekend for football players, some decide to knock out some of their homework and studying on Saturday nights, especially with some midterms still lingering around. The majority of us still do a fair amount of homework on Sunday. 
One way that I didn’t know would have any connection from football to school was how my Russian 101 class (yes I really do take Russian) made me able to learn the offensive playbook better. A playbook is basically descriptions and diagrams of how to execute a play correctly. I was able to take concepts and studying techniques from Russian and be able to apply it to learning what I had to do each play on the field. 
Though it was definitely a tough game this weekend, Monday always brings about the necessary time to correct what went wrong and continue to prepare for the next game. 

I look forward to talking with you guys later this week!


20 October 2018

Weekend Plans

Getting Off Campus
Yesterday was a beautiful fall day on campus, the fog in the morning was gorgeous and the leaves are all starting to change into beautiful reds and yellows and oranges. But as much as I love campus, sometimes it's nice to get together with friends and go do something off campus for a night. Yesterday afternoon I was feeling impulsive like I wanted to go do something fun so I texted some friends and we decided we wanted to go check out the bins. So we met up, grabbed a bite at the Bon at 5 and then got a Lyft there. 

The Bins 
If you're not familiar, The Bins is a goodwill outlet store where nothing is sorted and everything is just thrown into big blue tubs. We don't have any stores like that where I'm from so the first time I heard about it was on my new student trip when our trip leaders were giving us recommendations for stuff to do in Portland. You pay $2.19 per pound for most stuff and then books and glassware and some other items are priced differently. And if you buy more than 25 pounds the price goes down to $1.19. I would recommend going with a couple of friends and paying for everything all together that way you can get it up to 25 pounds and pay less. Plus it was tons of fun going with some friends and digging through all the clothing and showing each other things we thought we would like. You can also find really random stuff like records, mason jars, old toys, cute little kids clothes, suspiciously stained shirts, and more. I didn't really need, need new clothes but the outing and the fun was worth it. I got two shirts with hoods, a pair of hippie cotton pants, a pair of green cargo shorts, a pair of black and white polka dot shorts, an autumnal striped sweater, a lord of the rings shirt, 2 Hawaiian shirts (one with hot sauce bottles on it), a red and white striped button up, and a really cool green and orange bomber jacket with patched on it. all in all, I only paid $8. If you're looking for something to do off campus that won't cost too much and is a lot of fun with friends then I'd recommend the bins. 

Public Transport
When we were done we decided not to Lyft back to campus so we got to the closest TriMet stop and then took the TriMet to the stop where the Pio Express picks students up near PSU. Our journey on the TriMet was an interesting experience because we met a man dressed in a clown concept and bloody makeup. At first, we were all a little confused and maybe slightly nervous but we got to talking and he told us he was working at a haunted house for the month of October, and that night was his first night wearing the costume home on public transportation. It was a very random and interaction but we all enjoyed it. We also stopped by Target in downtown Portland because it was convenient and one of my friends needed some stuff from there, and then we walked to the Pio stop. While we were waiting for the bus we ordered some Thai food through uber eats because one of my friends had a free delivery coupon. We made the mistake of ordering it too early and the food got to campus before us because the pio was running late. The pio is great and super convenient but doesn't always run on time. It was ok though, one of our roommates got the food for us and it was still pretty warm when we got back to campus. 

The Rest of the Weekend 
Now, today I've got plans to wash all the clothes that I got from the bins, and just wash all the clothes that I need to wash anyways. Mostly today though I've got to get a lot of homework done. I've got to prepare for a debate about human rights that I'm having in my International Affairs class. And I need to do the reading for my Exploration and Discovery class, and start working on the essay I have due for that class. I have an essay for political science coming up so if I want to get ahead I can start working on that (but realistically I'll probably put that off till next weekend). I got my absentee voting ballot in the mail so I'm planning on voting this weekend too. I'll also probably go to dinner with friends tonight, and spend some time calling family and catching up with them. These are the exciting Saturday plans of a college student, but sometimes it's nice to have a nice relaxed day like today.  

Tomorrow though my conversational Spanish class has plans to meet up at the Portland Market where there are lots of latino food trucks that we're planning on eating at. It'll be a fun time to work on my spanish and eat some good food. And of course, I'll probably spend some time doing homework tomorrow night too, getting reading for my classes for the week. And I'll try to spend some time outside too to enjoy the beautiful fall trees and weather on campus. 
Overall this is a pretty typical weekend and a pretty great weekend. 

If you have any questions feel free to email me at quetingaul@lclark.edu

18 October 2018

Fall Break Fun!

Hi everyone! How are you? How's it going?

Classes are back into full swing after an eventful fall break! Even though fall break was basically a four day weekend, it was exactly what I needed to give my mind some rest and catch up on some sleep that I needed to catch up on. Yeaaaa I still had work to do but being able to just get it done at a better pace and not worry about anything else was needed.

What did I do for break? Well, on Wednesday after classes ended, my friends and I went off campus to just hang out with each other and got some dinner. After, we just went back to the dorms and relaxed a bit. Er, that's what I thought we were gonna do but I was in for a very big surprise! My roommate, Karli, had taken her dog, Roxie, out and when she came back, I noticed someone was behind her. I looked behind her and saw that it was someone very special to me, my boyfriend, David! Originally, he was supposed to come the next day but all three of them had been planning this surprise for awhile!

A post shared by Jessica Doan-ut (@jessicadoanut) on

When I saw him that night I was excited and surprised! I was completely speechless. I'm so lucky to have such amazing people in my life! We spent that night just talking and going to sleep early because I was so tired from the past three days. The entire fall break will definitely be one I will always remember! Being able to show David around my school and introduce him to all my friends made me so happy and just being able to see him made it even more memorable. We went to Powell's, the large bookstore in Portland and I got three books that I have been wanting to get for forever!

One of the most beautiful places we went to was the International Rose Test Garden! It was soooo beautiful and the roses smelled absolutely amazing! One of the activities that David and I enjoy doing together is going to gardens and just walking around and enjoying our time together. He is also a photographer so he enjoys taking pictures whenever he gets the chance to!

Sadly, our fun came to an end when it was time for classes to start again. David stayed one more night and left Tuesday morning. It was defintely hard to say bye to him but I am so excited to see him again when Thanksgiving comes around!

Since fall break ended, I have been working super hard! I had a music theory, calc 3, and ochem midterm this week! It's been super hectic studying and it feels like it will never end but it is finally Friday eve! I have one midterm left and I can breathe a little bit better and sleep a lot more relaxed!

I should get to studying! I hope you all have an amazing Friday and spend your weekend with fun and laughter!

♥ Jessica