31 January 2016

Pertaining to Dragons

Violet joined in with her own puzzles

This Saturday was the fabled Chinese Food and German Board Games (CFGBG) night.  Renowned among computer science students for its plentiful food and fantastic selection of games, that are neither too hard nor too simple, CFGBG is a much appreciated event hosted by Professor Drake of the Computer Science Department.  It is a large gathering of computer science students (not me) and members of various campus clubs (me) who join together to fight fires, hunt werewolves, conquer the universe, or just try to keep from unbalancing a platform covered with little wooden blocks.  Burning houses collapsed, empires were forged (and annihilated), we picked up a lot of blocks from the floor, and all had a fantastic time.
A round of Flash Point Fire Rescue.
We actually won this time

Another highlight of this week was that I got to use a fire staff for the first time.  I am part of Fire Arts, one of L&C’s clubs, and had been practicing with a fire knife all of last semester.  Thursday was my first time with a staff and I had a lot of fun.  I have included a short video below, I apologize in advance for the video quality.

L&C Everyday Life: Wifi

How fast is the internet there?
There's an app for that!
There are two wifi networks available just about anywhere on campus, LC Secure and LC Wireless.  LC Wireless is for guests and I don’t use it so I’m not going to cover it here.  To get into LC Secure, you will need your L&C username and password (which you will get once you get your @lclark.edu email address) and a wifi enabled device.  To help keep the network secure, everyone has to download a piece of authentication software (directions below) and must have up to date antivirus software.  Luckily, the college provides Symantec for free to full time students (download link below).

The wifi works decently in most places around campus, both indoors and out.  There are spots it doesn’t reach, but I have never needed to use my computer in those places so it hasn’t bothered me.  My internet connection here is much better than it is back at home, but I live in the country and our connection has never been great. 

Directions to connect to the wifi for the first time: http://www.lclark.edu/information_technology/gethelp/wireless_residence_halls.php

You can reach me at ameliaberle@lclark.edu if you have any questions

26 January 2016

The Last First Week

It's almost scary how fast the last four years at Lewis & Clark College has gone. It was an utterly bizarre feeling knowing that this would be my last semester ever at LC, but quite fortunately, my coursework and other commitments quickly made me busy enough not to dwell on it too much.

Being my last semester, I have been trying to take in everything around me - anything I might take for granted and miss otherwise.

One of my favorite things I've been noticing has been the nature around me as I walk on campus. No wonder we're ranked 2nd Most Beautiful Campus in the country. From gorgeous sunsets to misty mornings, there's usually something beautiful to see everyday.

Dusk over Templeton, the main student center.

 It's been very misty the last couple of days.

In addition to stopping to gawk at the nature around me, I've also been taking advantage of going to the on-campus gym - Pamplim Sports Center (we all just call it Pamplin). I've been continuing weight training after taking it as a gym class. I've also started going to Fit Club - an exercise group that meets on weekdays and does a range of core training, circuits, and pilates.

The Pamplim weight room.

As for campus everts, last Friday our slam poetry team - Apocalips - competed in a judged performance to determine the 5 members who would be representing Lewis & Clark at CUPSI - which is the national invitational contest. The poems performed that Friday were beyond powerful - touching topics from gender and sexual identity, racism, sexual assault, family, and even religion. I happened to be one of the audience judges, and was intimidated by the prospect of having to try to objectively score the slams - and it ultimately was pretty challenging given the excellent quality of so many slams.

At the CUPSI qualifying slam contest.

The following day, I was itching for a break from thesis work, so I decided that night to go downtown and wander around trying to find cool things to do. For those who are interested in staying in Portland after graduation, or are older and possibly transferring in, be assured that there are lots of interesting niches available to you once you turn 21. Some friends were at a video game arcade bar, and I tried to meet up with them, but they had already left. Luckily, I heard the distant sounds of guitars, and I followed the music to the Star Theater, where for $10, I was able to listen to three awesome rocks bands (they all sounded a bit like they were influenced by The Cure and Nirvana). Apparently, the theater used to show silent films, so it was very cozy and easy to get up close and personal with the bands.

During the last band's set, a friend called me wanting to hang out, so he picked me up and drove me to SE, where we wanted to get into a RnB tribute night (featuring all the best - Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, and Rihanna). The venue had a line a block long, so we decided to get food at a quirky place called Roadside Attraction. Then, he decided to take me to my first real gay bar, where of course, we got to enjoy a phenomenal drag show and dance well into the early morning to 80's classics like "Footloose" and "Take on Me". It was all-in-all, probably my favorite night ever in Portland.

It's getting a bit late now, come to think of it, so I'll leave you with the iconic (albeit, blurry) picture of the Portland sign welcoming you to Old Town (the oldest part of downtown Portland). I'll talk to you all next week about my thesis and new shifts at Maggie's Cafe.

Take care!


Back At It

Hey, everyone! It’s good to be back here on campus  at Lewis & Clark after a good winter break. I hope everyone had a good Christmas and a Happy New Year. I spent almost all of my break at home working in a feedlot, which is what I really enjoy. It gives me an opportunity to learn about the industry and the cattle as I work toward being a large animal vet. Now that I am back on campus, I am gearing up for a busy spring semester.I am taking four classes this semester. Bio 200, Organic Chemistry, Physics, and Calculus II. It will definitely keep me busy.

Within two days of being back here in Portland, I got to go to the Moda Center to shadow the camera and production crews as part of my job that I have through work study. Since my boss here is in charge of streaming all of the school’s athletic events online, he had the really good idea to have all of us involved with it shadow the production crew at the Moda Center, where the Trailblazers play, in order to get a better understanding of how to run our own show. It was a really amazing experience. Before the game and during the first half, we got to go to different parts of the arena and watch as the production crews broadcast the game on television and on the big screen in the arena. While we were with the crew doing the big screen, several of us including me, got to do a few replays that the whole crowd saw.

After halftime, we were able to go up to the very top of the arena and watch the rest of the game. It was a really cool way to start off the semester. This week will be my first full week of classes. Also  this week, the football team is starting our offseason lifting program. I am looking forward to working with everyone to grow as a team..

That’s all I have for the week.


My view from work. In the background is Mt. Signal, which is divided in half by the U.S. and Mexico.

Touring the Moda Center.

Production below the stands. This was the local Portland broadcast. ESPN had trailers outside.

Next to me is one of the camera crews. 

25 January 2016

A Hot Springs Weekend

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Hey all!

Happy 2016 and spring term to students everywhere.
In the spirit of the New Year, I'll share a few thoughts, observations, and resolutions of my own since returning to our beautiful campus:

Observation #1: Our gym is poppin' these days

Resolution #1: Go to the gym more

Thought #1: Did I go to the gym today?

Observation #2: My friend telling me "there are hot springs in Oregon"

Resolution #2: Go to an Oregon hot spring

Resolution #2: Done. 1/23/2016, the first weekend of school.

Thought #2: When are we going again?

Observation #3: Students talking about the summer

Thought #3: Didn't we just start school last week?

Thought #4: What's my BIG achievement for 2016?

Resolution #4: Complete the Cactus to Clouds hike: 10.3k+ft of ascent, 20+miles, one day

Observation #4: I'm insane.

Thought #5: 2016 is going to be KILLER.

Got Thoughts, Observations, Resolutions of your own? Tag me @jayhidekichu on instagram or email me at jaychu@lclark.edu

Cheers everybody! Jay

About me: Transfer sophomore Lewis & Clark College. Major: Environmental Studies, Minor: Japanese.

24 January 2016

Back Again

Dog Sledding in MN
Hello again!  Classes have started up again and everyone is starting to get back into their college rhythms so it’s about time for us bloggers to start posting again.

In case you weren’t reading last semester’s blog posts I’ll introduce myself again, my name is Amelia Berle and I am a first year student here at Lewis and Clark.  I am likely going to major in biology and my hobbies include venturing (coed scouting), hiking, identifying plants and eating the safe ones, wilderness survival/wilderness living, and just generally being outdoors.

Secret Lake

Webelos Winter Camp Staff
As you have probably guessed, winter break has just ended.  With L&C students, winter break can get pretty interesting.  You have students who do the standard go home and sleep for a month all the way up to the students who don’t actually go home and spend their break having crazy adventures and students everywhere in between.  I was one of the in between group (I spent an entire 7 days where I was mostly at home).  During break, in addition to the visiting family and friends; I went snow camping on the Minnesota-Canada border, co-ran a winter camp for Cub Scouts, and helped staff a sled race where people pull the sleds instead of dogs.

Admissions Office staff caught weeding
Now that we are all back, things are slowly getting back to normal.  Clubs are starting up, the main rush to add/drop classes has died down, and you no longer hear people screaming as they see friends for the first time in a month.  The Saturday after MLK Day Student Leadership & Service (SLS) hosts a day of service. This year we had over 100 participants involved in service projects around Portland. I was part of a small group who helped at the Brentwood Community Garden by weeding and winterizing abandoned garden plots.  We were able to learn a lot about how community gardens work as well as a bit about the parks service.  We had a lot of fun, and managed to get quite dirty.

Fully Winterized

L&C Everyday Life: Meal Times

The Bon
As I sit here writing this, I am in line for brunch at The Bon (AKA Fields Dining Room).  Weekdays at The Bon have a fairly normal schedule, but during weekends they only serve 2 meals (brunch & dinner).  So even if you go for the 19 meals a week plan, you will want to be prepared to make your own breakfast twice a week (or just sleep-in like my roommates do).

Breakfast 7:30am-9:30am
Continental breakfast 9:30am-10:30am
Lunch 11am-1:30pm
Snacks 1pm-4pm
Dinner 4:30pm-7pm

Brunch 11am-1:30pm
Dinner 4:30pm-7pm

The Trailroom
Our other main dining establishment, the Trailroom, serves lunch & dinner on weekdays, is closed Saturdays, and only serves dinner on Sundays.

Lunch 11am-2:30pm
Dinner 5pm-10pm

Dinner 5pm-10pm


If you have any questions feel free to send me an email at ameliaberle@lclark.edu