27 September 2016

Welcome back!

Hello everyone! My name is Remington Campbell, and I am a junior here at Lewis & Clark. This will be my third year doing the Real Life blog, so I am looking forward to showing everyone a little bit of what my life is like here. I am from Brawley, California, which is a small town in Southern California. I have lived there my whole life, and I love it there. Currently I am majoring in biochemistry, and I plan to use that degree to go on to vet school and become a large animal veterinarian. Also, I am a linebacker on  the L&C Pioneers football team. One other thing is that I am a Resident Advisor here on campus in Copeland Hall. This means that I am living in the dorms here helping those who also live here with everything in their lives and making sure everyone is staying safe and having a good experience with college.

This past summer I had the opportunity to work in a feedlot as I did last summer, which is really helpful experience for becoming a veterinarian since I get so much hands-on experience with the animals. For those of you who don’t know what a feedlot is, it is where cattle are sent to be raised before they go to slaughter. Most of my days were spent either cleaning the drinkers or helping to process the steers by giving the medicines and checking for any problems the cattle might have. It was hard work, but I really enjoyed it. In addition to that, I was able to shadow a veterinarian and help him with his work every few weeks or so. All of this was really good experience for me.

Other than that, school is in full swing. I am taking three classes this semester. I am taking Molecular Biology, which has a five hour lab, Structural Biochemistry, and Political Science. All these classes keep me super busy, and football just makes it a little tougher. However, I love football, and the full schedule makes me have to work at time mangagement and stay focused on school which helps me a lot.

So that’s just a little bit about me for now. I’m sure you’ll get to know me more as the year progresses. So stay tuned!


My brother Alex and I after our first home game. 

My teammate Thor and I. 

26 September 2016

Hello Again!

Hello, my name is Amelia Berle and I will be one of Real Life’s bloggers this year.  I’m a sophomore here at Lewis and Clark.  I blogged last year as well, so feel free to go back and see what first-year life was like.  Since it’s a new year I’ll go ahead and introduce myself again.  I come from a small town in Tennessee where I live on 33 acres that I share with my parents, two siblings, two cats, two parakeets, and a dozen chickens.  I’m a biology major, though I haven’t technically declared that yet, and I am one of the two vice presidents of L&C Fire Arts (a club specializing in, you guessed it, spinning fire).  My weekends tend to focus more on camping or a good book than parties, so you won’t see much about L&C’s nightlife in my posts.

"Five Words in Orange Neon" by Joseph Kosuth

This last weekend’s adventure was admittedly pretty schoolwork-y.  Saturday was Museum Day Live which means participating museums across the country offer free admission.  ‘Free’ is a college student’s favorite word, so a few of us who need to visit a museum for a class (ceramics in my case) went while the price was right. 
The Eutectic Gallery

My first stop, however, was actually an art gallery.  Again, for my ceramics class, I needed to visit and write a page on it.  The Eutectic Gallery is located on the far side of the Willamette so odds are you won’t simply wander by it, but if you happen to, go on in.  Galleries are free and, in addition to art, this one has two large, fluffy dogs.

The Portland Art Museum is huge, I got turned around multiple times. (Luckily, my roommate has a better sense of direction inside large, maze-like buildings than I do).  It’s a fantastic place to wander through and it is incredibly close to the Pio (Pioneer Express) stop.  They also offer free admission the first Thursday of every month so consider checking it out when you’re here.

"Untitled" by Robert Gober
Have any questions? Feel free to email me at ameliaberle@lclark.edu