29 September 2015

Welcome Back!

Hello everyone, my name is Remington Campbell. I am a sophomore here at Lewis & Clark College, and I am excited to be back blogging for the Admissions office again. For those of you  who read this  last year, welcome back. For those of you who  are new to it, let me introduce myself a bit.

As I mentioned, this will be my second year. I am a Pre-Med/Bio-Chem major and also a member of the football team here at L&C. I am from Brawley, California, which is about two hours east of San Diego and an hour west of Yuma, Arizona. Where I come from, it can get really hot in the summers, so I’m glad to come up to Portland to beat the heat in August. One cool thing about me is that I want to become a large animal veterinarian, specializing in production animals such as cattle, pigs, sheep, and other farm animals.

This past summer was a lot of fun for me. I spent almost every day working in a feedlot about thirty minutes from my house back home. Now for those of you who  don’t know, a feedlot is where cattle are sent to grow before heading to slaughter. Since I want to become a vet, I was given the chance to work in here in order to get some experience working with these animals first hand. Most days I spent cleaning the drinkers where the cattle get their water, but other days I got to drive around with my boss and learn how the operations worked out there, or if the vet was there, I got to go ask him questions and talk with him. Basically it was a really cool, dirty,  paid internship. Most days I came home covered in dirt and could not enter the house until I took my boots and jeans off.

Now that I am back here in Portland, I am keeping very busy with my four classes that I have this year. Right now, I am taking Spanish 201, Calculus 1, Physics 151, and Organic Chemistry. It’s quite a busy schedule.  Most of my days are spent either doing homework, studying, or practicing football. Don’t worry, I have fun too, but I’ll get to that later.

So that’s just a little bit about me for now. I’m sure you’ll get to know me more as the year progresses. So stay tuned!

My girlfriend Ava and I. 

My two dogs, Scottie and Aussie, and I.

View of the Columbia Gorge from a hike I took last year. 

Welcome To Me

Hello! My name is Nicole! I thought I'd introduce myself with this blog post, and maybe talk some of the highlights of the last week.

So, about me... Well, I'm originally from San Jose, California - which is just about an hour away from San Francisco. I enjoy writing, reading, cooking, and spending time with my friends. I'm a huge sci-fi and fantasy nerd, and I love to travel. This year I'm a Lewis & Clark senior who will be graduating this May (!!!) with a BA in International Affairs. My focus within the department has focused extensively on conflict and security studies.

Last spring I studied abroad in Tunisia, studying the culture, politics, and local language(s). While in Tunisia, I did research on the lives of LGBT women in Tunisia and struggles they face on a daily basis. I am hoping to return soon, possibly to pursue more independent research.

As my research topic may have indicated, I am very passionate about social justice and activism, which is reflected in the on-campus organizations I have lead, been a member of, or followed closely. I have been involved with the QSU (Queer Student Union), the FSU (Feminist Student Union), and the Department of Inclusion and Multicultural Engagement (IME). I also recently founded Spiritual Que(e)ry - an organization dedicated to exploring the intersections of spirituality and queer identity.

This year, however, I've decided to take a step back in some of my organizational work to focus on getting back into shape, staying on top of my classes, working part-time, and exploring Portland. I now go to the gym at least twice a week and cook most of my meals; I am doing well in all my classes; I work 8 hours a week for Bon Appétit (the catering company for our school); I also am going to try to explore one new event or place each week in Portland.

This week, my most exciting Portland gem was this tiny little food cart downtown, by the 4th and College intersection - if you just go a bit up College Street it's on your right.

Called "The Couscous Factory," the food cart offers many Moroccan and Tunisian dishes, many of which I remember fondly from my abroad experience. As someone who has desperately been missing Tunisian cuisine, I am thrilled to have found a place that could offer those rich, spicy flavors I have missed so much. Unfortunately, I actually wasn't able to buy any food since I had already eaten a very delicious rice bowl dinner from Café Yumm (a great, tasty vegetarian, gluten-free option, for those interested). Still, I am looking forward to going back to try their brik or kafteji plates!

Anyway, I think that's enough for tonight. I'll be posting again next week, but in the meantime, if you would like to reach out to me about anything I've mentioned in my post, please don't hesitate. You can reach me at my email: ncalande@lclark.edu.

28 September 2015

Back on Campus

I'm Josh and I'm a Senior here at Lewis & Clark.  I hail from a small town called Pacific Grove, CA, which is near Monterey.  I'm a Biology major and a Resident Advisor in one of our underclassmen dorms, Alder.
Someone started the Fall decorations!

Last year I lived off campus in a house with a couple of friends, but within a few weeks of living there I knew I wanted to be on campus again for my final year here.  I realized that LC is more than a school where I take classes.  Instead it has become my home over the past few years.  I missed the community and the wonderful people that live and work on campus, so now I'm back!

As a Resident Advisor, I work with the 32 other students that live in my hall to make sure they are getting everything they need, and getting everything they can out of their experience here at Lewis & Clark.  I'm here to help them when they have any issue, and to help communicate with Campus Living and the rest of the administration about student needs.

Just an example of one of the cool things my residents put on the blackboard in our main lounge.

Outside of being an RA, I spend my time outdoors as much as possible, hiking, backpacking, climbing, and just enjoying what the Pacific Northwest has to offer.  In past years I have worked for ASLC (our Student Government), played Ultimate Frisbee for our nationally ranked team, become a Wilderness EMT (EMT with Wilderness First Responder), ran for the Track team, along with taken classes in as many fields that I could, and I still have a year left!
I will be posting at least once a week and if you have any questions about what I post, Lewis & Clark, or about anything else, feel free to contact me at jprovost@lclark.edu.

Until next time,


My name is Amelia and I am a first-year (freshman) here at Lewis & Clark.  I come from the small town of White Bluff, Tennessee which is about 45 minutes west of Nashville.  My family consists of my father, mother, younger brother, younger sister, my mouse, a flock of chickens, 2 crazy cats, and 2 parakeets.  I will likely be a biology major and I am not sure whether or not I am going to minor in something.  My hobbies include Venturing (coed scouting for youth 14-21), general outdoors, identifying random plants and eating the safe ones, fire, and wilderness survival/wilderness living.

I am a part of the Outdoor Pursuits Living-Learning Community (LLC) housed in Manzanita Hall (AKA Manzi, it’s a part of Forest Hall).  Outdoor Pursuits does all sorts of fun stuff such as weekend trips, ivy pulling parties, and a camp stove brunch every other Sunday.  The Environmental Action LLC is also in Manzi.

 Outdoor Pursuits at Cape Falcon Trail

One of my favorite things about Lewis and Clark is that every class here (or at least the ones I am in) have some sort of active component.  Within the first two weeks of biology everyone designed an experiment to measure the effects of ivy on the local ecosystem, in chemistry lab we’ve been working with gold nanoparticles and spectrometers, in E&D we have massive colloquiums on the books we are reading, and just yesterday most members of German classes went to go see one of three movies in German during Portland’s German Film Festival.  Even if schoolwork is not your favorite thing there are still plenty of opportunities to enjoy it.

Cinema 21 in Portland

I also will be posting here every week for the next semester.  If you have any questions you would like me to answer feel free to send me an email at ameliaberle@lclark.edu.  Have a great week!

About Me / Living On-Campus

Hello everyone! My name is Jess and I’m in my third year at Lewis & Clark College. I’m from Auburn, which is a very small town in California about halfway between Sacramento and Lake Tahoe. I am an English major and I’m considering declaring a minor in Theatre. I’ve also taken classes across the board in the sciences, social sciences, and humanities. I lived on-campus for my first two years, as is required by the college, and I liked it so much that I’m still here for one final term, even though many of my fellow juniors have moved into houses or apartments off-campus. My residence hall, Akin, is the Multicultural Engagement Living Learning Community, home to a great deal of both international and American students. I am a member of the Akin Community Council, which plans events like storytelling-and-s’mores night, student-led group discussions on education and politics around the world, and potluck dinners where students cook food from their home cultures. There are other Living Learning Communities (LLCs) in other residence halls that focus on arts, wellness, the outdoors, or environmental activism.

My half of the room before it got messy. Not pictured: the walk-in closet.

 Other things I do on-campus include working as a tutor for the Writing Center, fire-spinning with the Fire Arts club (okay, I’m new, so I haven’t actually spun fire yet – but I will!), playing Ninja (a variation on capture the flag with foam swords) every Saturday night, and doing acting exercises and improv work with the Suzuki club.

Next term, however, I will be leaving campus to study abroad in Australia! Lewis & Clark is known for its unique study abroad programs and the chance to go abroad is one of the reasons I decided to go here in the first place. My program focuses mostly on the history and anthropology of Australia, though we will also be doing field biology for a lab science general education credit. How cool is it that you can satisfy a graduation requirement while snorkeling on a reef?! There is also an independent research component and I really want to focus on either poetry, theatre, or the education system. I have done coursework on campus in all of those fields and I’m very passionate about them. And when I finally return from my travels, I will be (hopefully) moving into a house with friends off-campus for the summer and remaining there for my final year at LC.

So now that you know a general overview of who I am and what I’m up to, I’m going to be posting about what life is like at LC every week until the end of the semester. So, stay tuned if you want to know more about classes, clubs, activities, things to do in Portland, and more! Let me know if you have any questions by emailing me at jessicakostka@lclark.edu!

Fun fact: my fiction writing class sometimes meets outside on sunny days.