28 February 2017

New Friends!

One of our new friends
After over a semester, the songbirds have finally found my birdfeeder.  Gerald, the hummingbird, has been visiting regularly since we put up the two feeders last fall, but until this week we hadn’t been visited by any other bird.  It’s exciting to see the new faces and I’m happy to learn the purchase wasn’t in vain.  Unfortunately I have yet to get a good picture of them because they’re most active in the early morning before the condensation goes away.

On Saturday my roommate and I took one of our friends to explore south-campus (the Graduate school).  Somehow she hadn’t ever managed to make it over there in the last year and a half.  The graduate campus is just as lovely as the undergraduate side and inside a set of bushes off to the side of campus resides Narnia.  There is a gap down the middle of a hedge that is cleared out enough for people to walk through and students will come and decorate it with their old art pieces.  It’s a really neat place.  I recommend visiting some afternoon when no one else is there.

In bio we’re playing with Clamydomonas, a type of green algae.  We’ve been measuring the length of their flagella using a decently expensive microscope with a very expensive camera.  They are kinda cute.  It’s a bit challenging to get them entirely in focus, but I really love playing with the microscopes.  Tomorrow we’ll be recording the rate of their flagella growth which, to me at least, sounds like a fun time.

The weather has been unusually sunny recently
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Throckmorton Lecture and Midterms

The semester is officially half way over. It still feels like we just got back to school only a few weeks ago. Still though, we are getting snow just like when I first got back to school. Monday morning during our football workouts it started snowing pretty hard for about 15 minutes and even started to stick on the field. All of us were excited that they might even cancel school if kept up, but unfortunately it stopped and melted by the end of our workouts. Hopefully soon, the weather will start to get better and we can get more sunshine on campus.

Last night I went to the annual Throckmorton talk that the history department puts on for extra credit in my history classes. The history department here at Lewis & Clark brings in another professor from a different university or college to give a talk on their research or another interesting topic. This year it was Dr. Martha Hodes, who gave a talk about how people reacted to the assassination of President Lincoln on a personal level, not just a public one. It was incredibly interesting to listen to because she used primary sources that were written only a few months after his death. At one point she made the comparison to 9/11 and how life went on after the terror attack. Her point there really stuck with me because I am old enough to remember the attacks with at least some clarity, and I can remember how it affected everyone. However, our lives still went on. She then went on to talk about how race played a factor into how people mourned, and how certain ethnic groups reacted to it. It definitely was an interesting talk, and I was glad I went.

Right now a lot of my midterms are coming up, so I have a lot of studying to do. Starting tomorrow, I will have four tests in the next week, one for each class. The next week I will be spending a lot of time in the library studying for the tests. Thankfully, after the tests I will have a chance to take a break for a little bit before I have more tests to take.

That's all for this week,

Dr. Hodes giving her presentation. 

25 February 2017

Long Run, Short (but good) Week

Hey friends!

Another week flying by. I swear, my time at LC seems to just speed up each week. I just finished my Organic Chemistry exam and it wasn't too bad. This week has been no where near as busy as it was last week but I think some of the exhaustion has caught up to me. I'm not really sure what I did during the week... A few weeks ago I helped out a friend with his application to Nike by doing a kick-boxing photo shoot and I just got the pictures back. I'm normally a little camera shy but I'm low key obsessed with how the pictures came out. Definitely go check my friend out at Sterling Stoll Photography :)

My arm looks CRAZY but it's not photoshopped. (I'm also not that ripped, it's just the reverb, but I really love how strong I look ^.^
Friday night my friends and I went over to FuBonn, an awesome Asian market over across the river. We bought a ton of ingredients and then made our own dinner. We had papaya salad, fish and rice :) a good break from Friday night bons.

This morning was also really great. I went on a 7 mile run this morning down to Lake Oswego and back. Lake O is super nice (a bit expensive for college students) but it's pretty fun; Theres a great little french bakery and then also a farmers market that'll start a bit later on in the spring. I've been (trying) to train for a 15K and half marathon and then potentially a full marathon. I haven't run for that far for 4 years and I'm feeling proud :) It was a great way to start my day and end my week.

After grabbing a quick bon (meal at Field's Dinning Hall // Bon) I headed downtown on the pio. I did a quick walk through the downtown farmer's market - completely fabulous when it's early fall and late spring and things are back in season. So now I'm just chilling in my normal study spot, at Starbucks writing this blog and doing homework.

Downtown Farmer's Market

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21 February 2017

Fire Arts

As I have mentioned before, I’m one of the vice presidents of Fire Arts, Lewis & Clark’s fire spinning club.  We meet twice a week for 1-2 hours practicing with all manner of props.  As every new member joins they start out by learning fire knife or poi.  A fire knife is basically a dull blade the length of a machete with a handle about as long as your arm and fire on both ends.  While poi are two balls of fire attached to a small length of string.

Fire fans
From there members diversify into many different props.  I use the staff (fire on both ends of a stick) and rope dart (fire on the end of a long rope).  Other members also use fans, a hula hoop, batons, machetes, a dragon staff (a shorter staff with lengths of wire holding mini balls of fire out perpendicular to the staff), and juggling rods. 

Fire knife
Each semester we will have at least one show.  In addition to that show, during the spring semester we also perform at the Luau the Hawaii club puts together every year.  It’s not confirmed yet, but this year we are considering a Disney theme for the show we run.  It has been fun watching everyone come up with their favorite Disney songs.  In some cases we have insisted that they go home and watch movies that they have missed.  It’s a lot of fun, we all get along well and when we’re not lighting things on fire we’ll hang around joking.

Fire knife
Rope dart

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History and Intramural Soccer

So this past week, intramural soccer started, which has been a lot of fun so far. Every Wednesday and Sunday we play our games at night out on the football field against other teams that have signed up to play. It has been a great way to get a break from school and play something else besides football, even though I am not as good at it. Fortunately, we only play across the field, so it isn’t as much running as a full field. My team is made up mostly of other guys from the football team as well, and we like to have a lot of fun playing it. We even had t-shirts made that have our team name on them and numbers on the back! We will be playing soccer for the next few weeks, and then we switch to basketball later on.

Right now classes are going well. Currently I am taking two history classes, which is a nice switch up from all my science classes that I have to take. With these history classes, since these are my first ones that I have taken here at Lewis and Clark, it has given me a different perspective on the way history has been taught to me before. It has definitely made me consider a lot of things that I have never thought of before, which allows me to try to see different perspectives in the world. It is nice because I have science classes on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and my history classes on Tuesday and Thursday. This allows me to completely switch my brain onto one specific subject for the day instead of bouncing around from history to metabolic biochemistry, which are two completely different things.

Other than classes and soccer, there isn’t a whole lot going on at the moment. There is a threat of snow again, which is weird because it is almost March and it has been so cold. Hopefully Spring is right around the corner, because I am ready for the sunshine again.

That's all for this week,


17 February 2017

A Good End to a Bad Week

Hey friends!

This week was crazy, long, hard and exhausting. I had 3 midterms, a quiz, a lab report, a lab presentation and a paper due - the quiz and two midterms being on Friday. So, I've been pretty exhausted. It's also just been a pretty stressful week with some other stuff from home, but Friday ended up being a really great day.

I had my two midterms - and hopefully I'm not jinxing myself, but they didn't seem too hard... Considering I didn't know any of the brain parts or functions on Wednesday day night, I was very happy with myself for coming out of my Brain and Behavior exam feeling confident. I also probably made some silly arithmetic mistake on my Calculus 2 exam as well, but it didn't seem too difficult.

We wrapped up our biology lab this week with a presentation, presenting our (inconclusive) data on how EDTA changed the reaction rate of the tyrosine enzyme. Put in the most basic way, EDTA in an inhibitor that binds to the copper receptor site of tyrosine so that the enzyme tyrosinase can't catalyze into when combined with catechol. We were expecting to see a decrease in the rate of reaction, but our data was all over the place.

We also submitted our two week long chemistry lab with a report on how stable ylide produces a trans isomer. -- I won't bore you all with the complex details of ochem that has taken me hours on hours to understand.

Wednesday night we had the first full rehearsal/run through of International Fair which was great. I got to see all the other countries performances and finally run our dances through with the tech.

Dance Y has also been coming along really well, we've almost got a minute and a half of choreo built!

But Friday was quite lovely; my exams went better than I was expecting and it was the first day of sun we've had all week. I came out of my calc exam with an extra ten minutes and literally just laid on the ground outside JR Howard Hall. Sitting outside of Howard is a popular hang out spot in the sun.

The giant steps of Howard Hall -- feeling like Gossip Girl - XOXO 

After my exams were finished I finally chilled in my room and then went out to Ichiban with a group of friends for dinner. Ichiban is a cute little hole in the wall, conveyer belt sushi restaurant downtown. (Bon Fridays are not my favorite meal of the week too). We all grabbed some boba over at Fat Straw after that making today a great end to this long and exhausting week.

I think we're meant to go back to rain this weekend and for the rest of the week, but I have a run planned for Saturday morning in Forest Park with a group of friends who are all training for the half marathon next year.

Anyways, I'm hoping this next week is a little bit slower and less hectic. I have an ochem exam on Friday, which means another week of late nights studying - but at hopefully I'll have less going on at the same time.

As always, if you have any questions of just want to chat about LC life, be sure to email me at ksaylor@lclark.edu

That's all for this week,

14 February 2017

Biology Lab

Cell/molecular biology lab was fantastic.  The data came out beautifully.  As we had predicted, the longer the apple extract was exposed to UV light, the less effective tyrosinase was at converting the clear substrate into colored products.  In biology labs we often have the opportunity to run experiments exploring some facet of the topic we are studying, but because it’s science not all experiments pan out.  This time it did though and I’m excited for our presentations tomorrow.  

I’ve had two midterms since I last wrote.  One for Calculus II and one for Cell/Molecular Biology. So, as should be expected, I have spent a lot of time studying this week.  Still, my roommate and I managed to finally cook the mushrooms we have been growing.  Amazon sells grow your own oyster mushroom kits and we never managed to get the timing right on the last one, but time we succeeded though and were able to sauté them this weekend.  They were pretty tasty.  Speaking of that, I ought to go water them. 

Also this weekend I attended the Anti-Valentine’s Day concert.  It was a lot of fun.  I managed to convince a friend to go with me since my roommate stayed behind to sleep.  The concert is an annual event for those who love or love to hate.  Lots of on campus a cappella groups were preforming and they did a really fantastic job.

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