29 September 2014

Hello Everyone!

Hey guys! My name is Remington Campbell and I am a freshman here at Lewis and Clark. This is my first time blogging ever, so I hope you guys enjoy! I am really excited about the opportunity to blog here and tell everyone about Lewis and Clark.

To briefly introduce myself:
  • I am planning on majoring in Biology. My ultimate goal is to become a veterinarian, specializing in production animals (sheep, cattle, pigs, etc.)
  •  I am from Brawley, California, and in case you have absolutely no clue where that possibly is, it is located in between San Diego, CA and Yuma, AZ. For those of you who have never been to or for that matter heard of Brawley, it is a complete desert. Being in Portland, I have been in love with all the green trees and having actual seasons to enjoy. 
I am a member of the football team here at LC. I play middle linebacker. I have been playing football since I was in 3rd grade, so getting the chance to play in college has been an awesome experience for me. 
Go Pios!

This semester I am taking three classes along with playing football. Biology 141(where I will also be doing lab work in nearby Tryon Creek State Park), Chemistry 110 ( also with a lab), and E&D ( English class). I am really excited to be here at Lewis and Clark. It's a wonderful place and I hope I can show everyone what an amazing place it is. Here are a few pictures of me and everything I have done so far at LC. 
Study hall with the team.
My girlfriend, Ava, and I after our game at Whittier. 
View of my locker room when I first arrived. 
I hope you guys enjoy my blog, and good luck to everyone out there in their senior year.           


28 September 2014

Hello (again)!

Hello everyone! My name is Jessica Kostka, I hail from the little town of Auburn in Northern California, and this will be my second year of blogging for Real Life. I am excited to get started again, and hopefully I can help some of you decide whether Lewis and Clark will be a good fit for you. Stay tuned to find out a little bit more about me, and to hear some things I love about being a student here.

I am a second-year student majoring in English and (possibly) minoring in Philosophy. However, my academic interests are all over the map. Between my general education requirements and the classes I’ve taken just for fun, I’ve had the chance to take such a variety of subjects here that I can tell you about many of the departments on campus. You’ll hear a lot more about my classes in later posts, but for now, I’ll just tell you my schedule this semester. I have Major Periods and Issues in English Literature (for my major), Philosophy of Religion (a fascinating class which is the reason I might be a Philosophy minor), Education in a Complex World, Beginning Japanese 1, and Yoga. It’s a pretty great lineup, if I do say so myself. I love all my professors. Outside of class, I am into reading, writing poetry, running, Yoga Club, watching really good movies, eating all kinds of food, and obsessing over my future. I also volunteer off-campus in a kindergarten classroom as part of my education class. 

I live on campus in Akin Hall, which is the same residence hall I lived in last year. This is my room.

Akin Hall is the Multicultural Engagement Living Learning Community, which means that we get to help out with things like the International Fair. Everyone I live with is very interested in other languages and cultures and things like that. It’s become a second home for me and I feel privileged to have so many wonderful friends both from last year and this year. Here are a couple photos of me doing various exciting things with said friends!

A very blurry picture of half of my dorm attempting to squeeze into one long table at the dining hall. That's me on the right with wavy blond hair.

That’s my roommate Sully, me, Aubrie, and Molly, from left to right. We are at the food carts! Portland is well known for its food cart culture, and in an ideal world with infinite money and time, I would take the bus downtown every weekend and try a new food cart each time. Some of my favorite things I’ve had have been gyros, Pad Thai, taro boba tea with milk, and iced peach boba tea. On this occasion, I had bi bim bap from the Korean BBQ cart.

Last night, I went downtown again. This outing also revolved around food. Do you sense a pattern forming? Because I do. We went to my favorite restaurant – Shigezo Izakaya. It’s incredibly convenient because it is so close to where the bus stops, and it's delicious. The Japanese exchange students I'm friends with have told me that their food tastes really authentic, too. I think this is like my tenth time going there in the last year.

Well, I'm pretty exhausted from a long day in the library studying philosophy, so that’s all for tonight. But never fear! I will post again next week. If you have any questions about what it’s like to live here at Lewis and Clark, which restaurants/food carts to go to in Portland, what I think of elegiac poetry from the Middle Ages, or how Aquinas attempted to prove the existence of God, just shoot me an email at jessicakostka@lclark.edu!


26 September 2014


Hey everyone!

My name's Rebecca, and I'm going to be one of the bloggers you'll be reading this year. Some of you might remember me from my posts throughout the last two years, but if you're new here, nice to meet you!

A little bit about me: I'm a junior environmental studies and Hispanic studies double major. I'm originally from Minnesota, and I like to talk about it a lot. I'm really involved with ukulele orchestra and College Outdoors, and I do other spontaneous things throughout the year like volunteer with Student Leadership and Service and, of course, do all the work for my classes. This year I'm living off campus with five lovely ladies, and in the spring I'll be studying abroad in Valpara√≠so, Chile.

My house/housemates! I'm the one with the grey shirt in the back
This semester I'm taking four classes: Environmental Education, which includes a practicum at the nearby Tryon Creek State Park, Colonial Latin American History, Intro to Drawing, and a Spanish conversation class. On top of that, I am a co-chair for the environmental studies department's annual Environmental Affairs Symposium. This year's theme is "We the Anthropos" and explores a variety of perspectives on what it means to be a human in this new era called the anthropocene. It's been a lot of work, but I've really enjoyed getting the Symposium ready. It's happening in just a few weeks, so it's coming up! I also am a tutor for the sophomore environmental studies class, Environmental Analysis.

I'm excited to write for you all, and good luck to all of you getting started on your college applications! If you have any questions about anything, feel free to email me at rekidder@lclark.edu.


Hello there!

Hi! This is my first blog post! My name is Frances and I am a sophomore here at Lewis & Clark. To briefly introduce myself:
-I am an intended double major of Environmental Studies and Sociology.
-I run for the cross country team (and Track & Field in the Spring, competing in the 1500 and steeplechase).
-I dabble in volunteering for the Bike Co-op, helping to repair students bikes for free.
-I am the On-Campus Sustainability Intern (more on what that means to come).
-I am a peer-facilitator for the Consent and Sexual Misconduct workshop. This class is apart of a new program all first years and transfer students must complete called the Pioneer Success Institute (PSI).
-This summer I was an intern for the Sierra Club San Francisco Bay Chapter (I got a stipend for the summer from the Lewis & Clark!)

This is me!
While I hope to give you a good idea of what life is like as a student at Lewis & Clark, my experiences should not be generalized to describe the entire student body. I am here to show you some of the opportunities available to you (and there are a lot) and give you an idea of what you could accomplish as a LC student. Treat this blog as a glimpse into life here and not the end-all-be-all.

That being said, here are some of the SWEET things I have done on campus and around Portland in the past month here!

Sunset kayak on the Willamette with the "Sea Slug" 
Lounged about by the Reflecting Pools on campus
Studied! Watzek library is a great place to do some 
homework -- or to procrastinate.
Ate some DAMN GOOD ice cream at Salt & Straw
(I'm the one second to the left)
Ate a massive doughnut at Voodoo 
(you may be noticing a theme...)

Climbed a tree and set up a hammock on South Campus

Swam in the outdoor pool on campus!

The sun was in full force during the first month of school and it was luxurious. I took advantage of the lovely weather by spending as much time I could outside --I did the majority of my homework during the first three weeks of classes under a tree in a grassy nook on the academic side of campus. This campus (as pictured in various scenes above) has incredible outdoor spaces for relaxing with friends on a sunny day.

That's all I've got for now,