05 May 2014

Wrapping Up

I'm done with my first final, and in three days I'll be done with all of them! Then I'm off to stay with some friends in Portland for a few days, before going to Vancouver and Seattle for a week, then home (where I will go up to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area for a few days, then down to Iowa to visit my grandparents, then stay home and start my job at my hometown's community center).

I think it's really cool to reflect on where I am now versus where I was at the beginning of this year, and where I was last year when I was at the beginning of my college career.

the first concert I went to, during my new student trip- I didn't know the band, but it was fun
the most recent concert I've been to- Kimya Dawson and Paul Baribeau!
last year I first experienced mushroom hunting when doing a research project for biology
this year I went on a mushroom hunting trip with College Outdoors, along with nine other trips (three of them ones I student coordinated!)
my friends liked dogs last year
and my friends liked dogs this year (this is an important quality to have in a friend)
my current roommates last year (before we were roommates)
my current roommates now! We went out for brunch during reading days.
studying for finals first semester last year
studying for finals this year (I was studying, I promise I wasn't just sitting out in the sun)
Other highlights from the year include:
breaking this board in self defense for women!
the snow days! they were so pretty!
getting Wilderness First Responder certification! (not real blood, that's stage makeup)
getting to go on more College Outdoors trips, from the coast to the east side of the Cascades!
getting better at ukulele (and getting to sit on the floor with a crown with a bunch of people behind me)
doing more research for environmental studies, including researching people's perception of invasive species, and looking at justice surrounding the location of urban parks in Portland
The list could go on- working with Symposium, taking on more leadership with ukulele orchestra, exploring more parts of Portland, on campus concerts and shows- It's been an amazing year, and every day I fall more in love with Lewis & Clark and with Portland. I have so many opportunities here, and I feel very supported by the faculty and staff of the college. There are so many creative, friendly, interesting people, and I am really grateful for the relationships I've made with the students and professors here. I have learned so many important things, both surrounding how I think and what I think about. This happens both in my classes, and in my extracurriculars. I'm going to miss the school and Portland this summer; I'm already looking forward to coming back in August. It's incredible how quickly these two years have gone by- I'm half done with my college career! Here's to the next two years!

If you have any questions, please email me at rekidder@lclark.edu. I will be checking my email this summer, and will respond!