19 December 2017

Happy Holidays!

Hey everyone! How are you? How's it going?

I apologize for not posting last week! I was super busy with studying for finals (ノ°益°)ノ
Most of them went pretty well and my brain is now all pooped out and I'm ready for break! I'm actually sitting in the Portland Airport right now but my flight is not for another 2 hours!! 

What I love about the Portland Airport is how big but chill it is. Unlike LAX, no one is in a rush and TSA isn't as stressful. BTW I totally recommend TSA precheck! It saves me so much time and I don't have to wait in the super long TSA line! 

Anyway, I'm super excited to go home and be able to catch up on sleep and be in a kind of warmer weather. I love the cold but sometimes I wonder how I'm still able to walk around because my feet are freezing cold! But that doesn't stop me and my friends from having fun! My friend and I actually took the MAX to Lloyd Center yesterday, after our very last final, to do some Christmas shopping and for me to pick up this book that I have been wanting to get my hands on! 

I'm going to end my blog post short today but I hope all of have an amazing break! Use this time to relax and enjoy being with your friends and family. Try not to leave that winter break homework until the very last minute! Get it down sooner rather than later! I wish all of you an amazing holiday and bring in the New Year with open arms! 

If you have any questions or just want to talk, you can reach me at:


Here's the quote of the week: 

"Confidence isn't a destination at which you can arrive; it's more like a journey you take every day. And since it is a journey, you must learn how to become a better traveler." - Lindsy Tsang (aka bubzbeauty)

♥ Jessica

10 December 2017

DANCE X (and finals)

Hey friends!

Dead Week finally is coming to an end, I'm still running on about an average of 4-5 hours of sleep per night; but we're down to the the LAST TWO DAYS OF CLASSES! WHAT??? AHHHH That's literally INSANE. This semester FLEW by and I can't believe in exactly a month and day I fly to AUSTRALIA!!!!

This past weekend was DANCE X!!!!

We perform only one weekend, but 2 shows per night resulting in a total of 4 shows Friday - Saturday. It's a really realllyyyy long weekend for the dancers, choreographers and techies and is exhausting, but also crazy rewarding. We finally get to show off all our hard work from this whole semester.

I'm currently trying to finish a molecular biology problem set and work on my psychology term paper; so I will keep this blog a bit short, but I'll flood you with some of the photos from my dance!

CAST!!!: From left to right: myself, Amanda, Kelleen (our choreographer), Peyton (she couldn't actually perform because she got injured two weeks before the performance), Hannah
eyy ^.^
Amanda, Hannah, Myself 
Amanda, Myself, Hannah

The dance photos are still being sent out, but I'm always obsessed with seeing them. 

The pieces are all very cool, they tend to mostly be lyrical/modern/contemporary with a few splashes of hip hop and jazz. Each choreographer comes up with a story and a "statement" about their piece, while the pieces themselves often tell a story. 

Our story was all about women empowerment and becoming your own "super hero", inner warrior type alter ego. It was super fun to be able to get out on stage and transform through the movements into this strong female warrior.

This is now my third Dance X, I've been involved every year and I always love it. I always learn something new about myself through the pieces, and always am pushed out of my comfort zone and grow. It's a great process and I love being a part of it all. 

I'm sorry I've been so bad with posting on time. I have been so busy!!! 

The great news though, I'm finished with all of my oral presentations and my oral final. My final lab report is finished and handed in and it's on the decline of work and into the rise of just the study grind.

We have class tomorrow (Monday) and Tuesday and then we're done! Wednesday and Thursday are reading days where we have nothing, we just study and finals begin Friday!!!!

I'm super excited, I'm going to study Wednesday, but that night I'll take a break and I'm going to ZOO LIGHTS! I've never been and I'm so excited to go! 

That's all for right now,

05 December 2017

Project Weekend

Everything is getting busy as we enter our last full week of classes.  Final projects abound.  This weekend I did not get up to much because I’m busy with multiple end-of-semester projects.

The first is for my algorithms class, my partner and I are building a game similar to Oregon Trail.  This version however is set in a dystopian future where you are trapped on campus and have to find a way to escape.  The faculty and staff here have formed rival groups and fight over resources.   It’s mostly a text based adventure, but with a very minimal map to help you stay oriented.

For my other project, we are making a phylogenetic tree of various biofluorescence genes in coral.  A surprising amount of marine life expresses fluorescence (look at these fish!) and we wanted to try to get a better understanding of how similar the genes for different colors are.  They have turned out to be very similar to one another with the different colors of fluorescence mixed in with one another.

It’s hard to imagine, but in under six weeks I’ll be studying in Australia.   Time is flying by fast and those few weeks between now and then are completely packed. I don’t believe I have a single day left unscheduled between now and then.  My family leaves on a trip the day after I get home, when I’m back from that I’m visiting friends for New Year’s, then I run a winter camp, then I visit a different set of friends, then I have most of a day to pack, and then I fly to Australia. It's crazy, but I'm looking forward to it.

Questions? Send them to me at ameliaberle@lclark.edu

Fun Before Finals

Hi everyone! How are you? How's it going?

This week is the last full week of classes before finals and I can't believe how fast this semester has gone by. As the title of the post says, my friends and I decided to have some fun before finals. Part of that fun was celebrating my 18th birthday woooooo -insert cheering and popper sounds-

The night before my birthday, my friend, Karli, and I stayed up until midnight watching shows and movies and struggled a bit to stay up. For my birthday, we went out to eat pho and then went to watch the movie Wonder which I totally recommend. It had me crying and laughing and crying so much that my emotions (´;Д;`)

My friend, Armando, learning how to play pool
My friend, Dani!

That next day Karli and I went downtown and just kinda walked around and went to the Bins, which is the Goodwill Outlet. You can buy clothes there by the pound and while it is dirty, as long as you wear gloves and wash your hands after, you can find some super cool stuff!

Here are some extra photos from this weekend :)

My roommate surprised me with a birthday sign!
Disclaimer: we did not light the candles bc that's a no-no

Anyways, this week is full of stress and constant studying and prepping for finals! I actually have a test for chemistry tomorrow and I really need to study. I also have to start prepping for my group presentation in Spanish. On top of that, I have to catch up on my reading for E&D because I'm a couple of pages behind, unfortunately. The part I'm truly looking forward to is being able to go home for 4 weeks and being able to see all my friends and family. *crosses fingers for California to keep staying cold while I'm home* I really should get back to doing homework so that's all I have for this week!

If you have any questions or just want to talk, you can reach me at:


Here's the quote of the week:

“One, remember to look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Two, never give up work. Work gives you meaning and purpose and life is empty without it. Three, if you are lucky enough to find love, remember it is there and don't throw it away.” ― Stephen Hawking

♥ Jessica


Hi friends,

Sorry again for being so late on this. It's currently 1:20am as I write this.

Today has been SO long and is still going for just a bit longer. I haven't been to my room since 9am this morning. I had class, then went to open ILC (international language center) free tutoring, then to the IT department to just return a charger I borrowed, to the theatre to grab stuff I left last night from tech, to quick bite to eat for lunch, and I worked through lunch on some homework. Then to my second class, to work at College Outdoors, then to Watzek (the library) to meet one study group to rehearse a presentation I have tomorrow/today, then to quick dinner and to meet with my molecular biology lab group to work on another presentation I have for Wednesday then to Maggie's where I just worked closing from 9-12:30.

This week is what a lot of people refer to as "dead week". It's the last full week of classes and the week EVERYTHING is due. I have 4 presentations, one for each of my classes, a lab report, and 2 final papers all due between Tuesday and Wednesday.

This is meta, but this is what I'm looking at right now, and each of these tabs is a different paper/presentation I have this week!

My Chinese oral final is tomorrow and I haven't had a second to breath much, let alone study and memorize what I'm going to say; which is what I just worked on for the last half hour.

This week is also tech week for Dance X. We have dress rehearsal Tuesday - Thursday night and then the show is FRIDAY!!! It's FLOWN by, it's literally insane. We set the lights on Sunday for 4 hours. Which basically means we went through the dance about 10 seconds at a time and stopping constantly to set a light cue and then rewinding and running the dance, and then stopping again... It's long and tedious, but it's also really exciting to see the dance start to come together with the costumes and lights. I will for sure be posting TONS of Dance X pictures soon!

I'm really pumped though, this weekend is going to be a blast, it'll be exhausting, but Dance X is always a good time. And then next week we only have class for 2 days before reading days!!! This semester is almost finished and I am not ready at all!

You can follow some of the Dance X pictures I'll be posting on my instagram, check it out; you can also see pictures of Tryon (where I run) as well as the Circuit Gym (the rock climbing gym close to campus that the climbing club goes to and CO has a climbing shuttle that takes you too). You can follow: @kmjys97 and @kmjys131 <-- for Tyron and Circuit

That's all for now folks,
I'm about to go to sleep!!!!